Learn To Calm Down

Learn To Calm Down

Reading Time: 2 minutes

CHILDREN – Learn To Calm Down

Hello Champ, its another awesome time to learn from God’s word. Today I will be talking to you about anger and why you should always control your temper.

Let me tell you a story about an Angry boy, his name was Tobi.

Tobi was a young child who got angry at the slightest provocation. He had lots of scars on this body from head to toe as a result of always getting into a fight or breaking something when he is angry.

One day, just after the school bell rang for the close of school, while Tobi walked the school hall, one of his classmate ran pass him and mistakenly touched his school bag. Tobi got angry as usual and began shouting and cursing. Then all of a sudden, he charged angrily towards his classmate, aiming to punch him and start a fight. Just as he took the first step, he fell on the floor and landed flat on his face. Immediately, his two front teeth fell out and there was blood every where. Apparently, he stepped on a banana peal that made him slip.

He was rushed to the hospital but the damage was already done. He lost his upper incisors and his upper lip was also stitched.

From that time onward, his missing tooth reminded him to stay calm when he is about to be angry.

King Solomon has a word for you in his book, let’s take a look at it.

He who is slow to anger is better and more honorable than the mighty [soldier], And he who rules and controls his own spirit, than he who captures a city. —Proverbs 16:32 (AMP)

Dear child, it’s always better to be slow to anger, you shouldn’t respond angrily to any thing. Be patient and calm at all times, it is more honorable than showing you can fight or speak more hurtful words than your challenger.

Taking charge of your situation calmly just like the bible says is not equals taking control of a whole city, that action is greater.

Don’t get in a fight with anyone for any reason, learn to calm down at all times.

May God help you.

How Best To Use Your Words

How Best To Use Your Words

Reading Time: < 1 minute

CHILDREN – How Best To Use Your Words

Words are powerful. Once spoken, they can’t be unspoken. The reason you have to be careful about what you say or who you say it to.

On a faithful day, Jude looked his classmate in the face and called him a drunk. Not only that, told him he was a bastard.

Everyone thought it was a joke, because no one expected such from Jude.

Mr Johnson, his class teacher was shocked. He couldn’t believe his ears. Why would he use such harsh words on his classmate? Earnest?

How could he? He had taught him so many times about using his words to bless and not curse people.

Although Jude later said he was joking, the damage had already been done. How was he going to unsay what he had already said? What an expensive joke.

When you make coarse jokes at others all for the fun of it, it reflects back on your parents. People will think your parents haven’t taught you about manners.

You bring shame, embarrassment, and disgrace to them. People will call them irresponsible and probably say that to their faces.

So, when next you want to make a bad joke, remember your parents.

May God help you to remember How Best To Use Your Words, Amen.

Lord, help me not to bring shame, disgrace, and embarrassment to my parents.

Action plan:
Ask God for the grace to help you choose your words well.

I choose to bless only with my words.

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30 Days Promise Challenge

Hey Champ! You Are Royalty

Hey Champ! You Are Royalty

Reading Time: 2 minutes

CHILDREN – Hey Champ! You Are Royalty

Dear child, today yet again, we will be learning wisdom from the book of Proverbs. King Solomon has something to teach you today.

I want you to pay close attention to today’s devotional, and make sure you learn something.

Do you know who a king is?

A king is a ruler over a kingdom. He has lots and lots of people who answer to him.

His words are powerful, because once he speaks, everyone listens and follows what he says.

A king has a crown, a beautiful crown made with precision, and valuable items like Gold, sliver, precious stones and so many beautiful things.

He is also dressed in beautiful clothing because he wears the best things in his kingdom.

Another thing about a king is that he lives in a palace, a beautiful place, built specifically for kings to live in.

Do you know that God has called you and I as his children to be kings and queens on earth?

If you are a child of God, it means you are royalty. Since God is the King of Kings, and we as his children are representing him on earth, so you are a king/queen.

Today in our focus verse, King Solomon says something very important about kings, and I want you to learn from it.

A divine decision [given by God] is on the lips of the king [as His representative]; His mouth should not be unfaithful or unjust in judgment. —Proverbs 16:10 (AMP)

As a king/queen, you are a representative of God on earth, and so since you represent him, he puts wise words in your mouth to speak at all times.

You are not to speak words that don’t represent who you represent.

You know God is faithful and true, so as his kings and queens, what you say should be the truth at all times

You should always speak words that shows that you are a king/queen not otherwise.

You don’t just say something because everyone is saying it, your words should be divine and true at all times.

As God’s kings and queens, you shouldn’t tell lies, say abusive words, gossip or say things that don’t represent the kingdom of God.

What God expects you to do is to bless people with your words. Say good things all the time, don’t tell lies, don’t gossip about anyone, pray for your friends and family.

God honours the words of kings and queens because he choose you to be one.

Today, decide to live and speak as kings and queens today.

God bless you.

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30 Days Promise Challenge

Laughing Your Way To Victory

Laughing Your Way To Victory

Reading Time: 2 minutes


A little deviation from our wisdom series this morning, I want to show us one way we can maintain our sanity in this present world.

The devil aims at filling our minds with negative things, that is why almost everywhere you look, there is one form of sad news or the other.

Social media, print media and other forms are equally not helping matters. One can almost begin to wonder why you were born in this generation.

The plan of the devil is to weary us till we become sick, tired, and even suicidal. But thanks be to God who gives us the victory in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah!

There is an age-long, profound, medicine found in the bible that I want to prescribe to you this morning. Whenever you feel down, depressed, sick, angry, unloved, or any negative feeling, just use this medication and I assure you, you will be fine.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. – Pro 17:22

God wants you quick, alive, and active. The devil wants you depressed, gloomy, and broken. The scripture tells us laughter is good. It is healthy. It has some curative powers.

Sometimes, just take off your gaze from the test you failed, the bully in school, the teacher that hardly smiles, the stress of the assembly ground, and just laugh out loud.

As a matter of fact, it has been proven that children are more prone to laughter than adults. Do you also know that God himself laughs?

In heaven the Lord laughs as he sits on his throne, making fun of the nations. – Ps 2:4 [CEV]

So what is your excuse? When last did you have a good laugh?

Go ahead and laugh over that situation because you have the victory already. Glory!

Father in Jesus name, always give me reasons to laugh.

Go ahead and laugh out loud

I choose to laugh always. I am not depressed, sad or gloomy. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

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30 Days Promise Challenge

How To Make Your Parents Joyful

How To Make Your Parents Joyful

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Hello champ, let’s learn something new today!

See what the bible says in our focus verse;

A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son grief to his mother. –Proverbs 10:1(NIV)

One of the things you should work really hard at doing is making your parents happy at all times. God wants you to do this, that’s why it is mentioned in the bible.

If you want to be called a wise child, you should bring joy, and smiles to your father, and make your mother happy at all times.

The Bible defines this as wisdom.

It is also stated in the bible that when you as a child honour your father, and mother your days will be long on the earth. This is the only commandment with a promise.

It’s really important that you as a child prioritize the happiness of your parents. How do you do this?

It’s by thinking of their happiness in all your decisions and making sure that you obey them. Let me show you ways in which you can make your parents happy and be a wise child.

1. Obey everything they tell you

2. Pray for them all the time

3. Read your books and do well in school

4. Do your house chores without being told to

5. Be hardworking and diligent at all you do

6. Keep your books properly so they don’t get torn or missing

7. Honour elderly people around you

8. Be nice to your friends and siblings

You have to be intentional about making your parents happy, be deliberate about it, always do things that will make them smile, and before you do anything ask yourself; will mum and Dad be happy about this thing I am about to do?

If you do this all the time, you will see that you will gradually become mindful of their happiness every day.

Father in Jesus name, give me the wisdom to make my Parents happy always

Choose to do one thing  today to make your parents happy

I am a good child, I am wise. I have the wisdom to make my mum and dad happy all the time

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