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Couple Types: Vocal Wife, Quiet Husband

Hello, people of God. We started looking at different couple types and we have seen vocal husband and quiet wife. Today we will quickly look at the quiet husband and the vocal wife. When we have this combination, there are some peculiarities to be expected.

The quiet husband usually has a phlegmatic temperament and because opposite attracts like I always say,  he is likely to attract somebody opposite his temperament, maybe a choleric or a Sanguine. So what do we have here? 

At any provocation, because the wife is the vocal one she goes into a lot of babbling and rattling which of course the husband doesn’t like. 

The vocal wife talks when she’s happy and when she’s unhappy, she talks when she’s friendly and she also talks when she is angry. She draws her fulfillment from talking.

We see a lot of frustration for her because the husband is not the talking type. So most of the time, she has nobody to talk to which makes her unfulfilled.

In this case, we usually see a situation where she becomes a gossip because her husband doesn’t enjoy talking.

The husband has to learn to move away from his quietude and learn to talk to his wife so that there can be some fulfillment for the vocal wife. Also, the wife has to bridle her mouth so that she doesn’t get on his nerves all the time. Of course, we also know that respect is a major issue for a man, and when a wife talks a lot, especially angrily, that comes as disrespect to the man. 

The man also has to be careful not to mute his wife completely otherwise there won’t be peace in that particular home. So a lot of balance and maturity are needed in that particular family.

To be continued!