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Couple Types: Quiet Husband, Vocal Wife Part 2 

We have been looking at couple types and we looked at vocal husband and quiet wife. We started looking at quiet husband vocal wife yesterday and we will delve into Part 2 today.

The quiet husband, though inexpressive is like a pillar of strength for the family. He is the definition of strength, without noise. He has this quiet noiseless faith that can get the job done without much noise. 

However, his weaknesses also come to the fore because he can be withdrawn, and secretive and can make decisions without informing his spouse.

The quiet husband will often struggle with the need for validation because his quiet nature presents the picture of a weak husband in the light of societal expectations. He has to learn to appreciate his uniqueness while also working on his extreme reservation.

The immediate challenge is that he is married to a wife who is vocal and who enjoys talking chatting, babbling, and everything in between.

His quietude will be seen by his wife as a deliberate neglect of her needs. She is emotional, so she can hardly understand why she can talk and her husband won’t talk.

It becomes even more intense if the husband can get chatty with his friends but won’t talk chattily with his wife. 

The husband must learn to talk because his wife will never understand his reservations, The vocal wife must learn to talk less because her husband won’t understand why she can’t keep her mouth shut.

Incidentally, if the husband begins to talk a lot and the wife shuts up too much, we will have even more crises. So, what is needed is actually for them to be balanced in their relationships with one another. 

They must love and accept one another’s personalities and then begin to work together to improve their communication. Marriage is a place of sacrifice! So they both need to sacrifice “This-is-me” syndrome and seek to please the other person! 

The goal is peace and tranquility without strife in the home and guess what,? It is very possible!

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