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Marriage course for couples


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One Time Giving

Monthly Giving

Vision (Singles)

Raising a generation of people who say NO to Sex outside marriage, with God in focus, His Word first place, and walking in the Spirit daily. 

Vision (Married Couples

Emphasizing marital commitments, sanctity, good family life, and restoring godly passion in marriage.

Why Partner With Us?

When you become a Partner with Kisses and Huggs Club, we come together as a team to bring succor to relationships and marriages. In the past twenty years, we have helped thousands in their relationships and marriages, all glory to God.  Together, we share in the eternal reward of every man and woman touched, every marriage restored, and every salvaged relationship.

Apart from becoming a monthly partner, as God leads you, you may also support KHC with your seed, tithe, firstfruit, pledge, or love offering. Thanks for being part of this vision.

What is Partnership?
Partnership with Kisses and Huggs Club (KHC) is a covenant connection. It is a commitment to assist Dunamis & Sophia with fulfilling their God-given destiny to impact the lives of millions through the Good News. Every soul saved and every life touched through KHC is also credited to the heavenly accounts of our Partners.

A partnership is not just an avenue to raise finances. It is a mutual exchange of faithfulness. Dunamis & Sophia faithfully and actively pray daily for all KHC Partners.

Partners of KHC have a right to connect to the anointing that is on this ministry, which has touched lives on every continent on the planet earth!

They have a right to leverage that anointing to produce for them in relationships, marriage, business, career, and every area of life!

About Us

KHC is an acronym for Kisses and Huggs Club. Kisses and Huggs Club is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Nigeria. KHC began with the publication of newsletters across campuses in 2007. It later evolved into a blog in 2010 and into a social network site in 2013.

Organizing meetings, seminars, Mega Conferences, and eventually a church arm (Shouts of Grace Center) which began in January 2016. KHC holds an annual meeting tagged KHC Camp-Meeting where members come together in a three-day meeting with God.

KHC is facilitated by Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo, alongside KHC Partners.

Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo
Dunamis has been in ministry for more than two decades. He is the facilitator of Kisses & Huggs Club, an online outreach to Singles & Married Couples, with an impact in many countries.

Together with his wife, Sophia, they have provided positive marriage intervention to several people from virtually every continent on earth through online means.

He holds a Masters’ Degree in Communication and Language Arts. He is also the Lead Pastor at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan. He is the husband of one wife, Sophia.

Sophia is an administrator and also a pastor alongside her husband. She is the Co-Facilitator of KHC.

She holds a Masters Degree in Managerial Psychology. They are blessed with three boys, Dunamis, Doxa & Dunamai and they make their home in Ibadan, Nigeria from where they reach out to the world.

Our Partnership Promise

1. We will pray for you every day.
We are committed to praying for you every day and covering you with God’s mercy and peace. We pray for your health, prosperity and advancement in life.

2. You will never run out of Word-based teachings and revelation.
The KHC site is filled with thousands of devotionals, and archives that can be searched on virtually every topic you may think of.

3. Good stewardship
Your giving is maximally put into use for the work of ministry and in reaching more lives. It becomes a twice-sown seed that guarantees an undeniable harvest.

4. We will never ask for money
It is a partnership, not fundraising. A partnership is a covenant understanding of supporting God’s work with the finances of your own volition and in return, He blesses you with harvest and fruitfulness on the works of your hands.

5. We will never put pressure on you
God loves a cheerful giver. Our partners purpose in their hearts what to give, either one-time or monthly and willingness is what commands the blessing.

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