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Be Still and Know – Part 2.

We started this amazing topic yesterday and we will be concluding this morning.

To know and experience God you need to be still. There is a level of stillness required to be able to relate and know God for who He is.

When you are still, you most likely can trust more. Especially if it is stillness in your mind and body too. When we make haste and are in a hurry, we are not still. We make mistakes.

In a state of stillness, God can perform His glorious works in our lives. 

God had to put Adam to sleep when He was to make Eve.

Is 30:5a ‘In quietness and confidence lies your strength’

We exchange our weakness for His strength when we are quiet and still, trusting in God.

Dear SIngles, learn to be still. There is an intentional quietness to know Him. Quietness and stillness that come from a place of brokenness. A place and state of total and absolute surrendering to God’s will.

The partner is not yet around. Yes, it is NOT YET. He or she that will come, will come. Enjoy yourself, relax, get to know God more, and put your mind at rest. God is in control. Be still and know that God is God. 

Let’s search the scriptures. In Isaiah 46:10 ‘ Be still and know that I am God. 

All married couples, listen. You cannot afford to have sleepless nights over some issues. Avoid that temptation. God is never in competition with man. The Bible says He never sleeps nor slumbers. If God is awake then you are protected

You know God on your knees and in worship. It is when you are still that you can see the wonders of the Lord. He will always take charge and be in control of every situation we commit into his hands. 

Place your husbands, wives, children, parents, and in-laws into His hands and leave them there.

Don’t worry about that situation that is causing you sleepless nights.

Be still today.


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