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The Power of Incremental Progress

The Power of Incremental Progress Yea, we often want things to work 'sharp, sharp'. We are used to instant victory. Indomie noddles kind of thing. Even in natural things, nothing just happens. There are no instant millionaires. In a weight loss programme, it's easier...

Four Critical Beliefs to Ditch

Four Critical Beliefs to Ditch 1. Marriage is so demanding, that God has to understand. God wants you to put him first place in your life. Every other thing can come later. Our God is a jealous God. No matter how demanding marriage is, God wants you to give him what’s...

Depths of Sexual Connection in Marriage 2

Depths of Sexual Connection in Marriage 2 This is the second part of this topic. If you missed the first part read it below. We continue and conclude today. The Depths of Sexual Connection in...

The Depths of Sexual Connection in Marriage

The Depths of Sexual Connection in Marriage God wanted you to have pleasure! Conception and reproduction could have taken place in a million ways. Some cellular division could have taken place and there would be kids staring at you. But God wanted pleasure! God does...

This One Too Shall Pass

There is one truth I want to drive in this morning! Whether single or married, this truth will be helpful for you!  The devil’s attempt is always to limit us by what we see. But the scripture is clear on what we are to do regarding that! See it below: 2Co 4:17-18...

Don’t Be Selfish To Yourself

Avoid These Types of Selfishness in Marriage Being married is a call to selflessness. God is love and love is an action word. Love is practical. You cannot say you love your spouse while you are being selfish. Just as you love yourself, you must love your spouse too....

When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance 

When The Deliverer Needs Deliverance  The deliverer’s greatest struggle is the deliverance within! Perhaps, that would be the greatest lesson from the life Mobhad, the young singer who just died. He was in the music industry, bringing fun, music, and excitement...

Don’t Do These To Your Spouse

Don’t Do These To Your Spouse Let’s look at a few more things you shouldn't do to your spouse! 1. Don’t be selfish in Prayers  A couple can be selfish in the place of prayer when all prayer points are about them. They forget to pray for their spouse! In this...

Decide To Have Fun

Decide To Have Fun In marriage and even in courtship, there are pressures. Pressures of raising a family, taking care of your spouse, taking care of the children, paying bills, and many more. All these are coupled with pressures from work and career. Singles in...

Tackling Marital Challenges Head-on  3

Tackling Marital Challenges Head-on  3 I started this topic a while ago and I will be concluding it today. Let me quickly summarize the 6 points. Communication issues Financial strain Emotional Compatibility Intimacy and Sexuality Conflict Resolution Balancing...

Breaking Free from Selfishness

Two days ago, I wrote about selfishness in two areas, in commitments and in raising the children. I will continue this morning. If you missed it two days ago, you can check it here: Today, we continue: c....

Say This Over Your Lover

Say This Over Your Lover. Let's quickly look at a few important prayers to pray over your loved ones. 1. Take away a heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh Everything is about your heart. Your productivity will never rise above the capacity and quality of your...

Refuse To Be A Selfish Lover 

Refuse To Be A Selfish Lover  There is a need to pray against selfishness in your family and also to take conscious steps towards being selfless. There are different sides of selfishness. a. Selfishness in commitment How committed are you to the marriage? Is...

What if King Solomon hailed from Nigeria?

What if King Solomon hailed from Nigeria? Solomon was a king of a kind. He wasn’t your regular king.  If he were a Nigerian, he would have houses in all states of Nigeria, including plush places like Lekki, VI, and Abuja. He would have landed properties all over...

What is Really Important In A Spouse?

What is Really Important In A Spouse? We all want to have our desires when it comes to our choice of spouse. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. It is ideally in order.  We know that man we want. Tall, dark, and handsome. Loaded with muscles and six packs and also...

When God Comes Knocking

When God Comes Knocking The transactions of everyday endeavor can quickly bring weariness to the soul. The continual waiting for a miracle, blessing, or an answered prayer can unwittingly and subtly drive you into a place of mere religion where there is no more faith,...

Vision of Kisses & Huggs Club



Raising a generation of people who say NO to Sex outside marriage, with God in focus, His Word first place, and walking in the Spirit daily. 


Emphasizing marital commitments, sanctity, good family life, and restoring godly passion in marriage

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Kisses and Huggs Club is a registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Nigeria. 

It began with publications of newsletters in 2007 and later evolved into a devotional blog for singles and married.

Facilitated by Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo, they provide positive marriage intervention to several people from virtually every continent on earth through online means.

Sophia pastors alongside her husband at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan.

They are blessed with three boys, Dunamis, Doxa & Dunamai and they make their home in Ibadan, Nigeria from where they reach out to the world.

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