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Three Promises Every Lover Needs

Three Promises Every Lover Needs. Every successful relationship and marriage should have promises and FULFILLMENT OF THOSE PROMISES regulating them. Every relationship should agree to these promises and then work at fulfilling them. Here they are. Request that your...

Four Things A Lady Shouldn’t Do

Four Things A Lady Shouldn't Do Today, many homes are broken because one spouse refuses to agree to the fundamentals of marriage. This morning, I want to highlight four areas that every woman should concentrate on in order to keep her marriage strong with the help of...

Four Toxic Beliefs You Should Expunge 

Four Toxic Beliefs You Should Expunge  1. Marriage and work are demanding. I don’t have time for God. God should understand  God desires that you prioritize him in your life. Everything else can be done later. Our God is a jealous God. God wants you to give...

Five Things Couples Should Remember

Five Things Couples Should Remember 1. Always begin each day with a family prayer. One cannot emphasize this enough. Prayers are crucial. When a family prays collectively, they stay together. The family that doesn't pray as a unit will become the devil's prey. 2....

Lord, Change My Spouse Now!

Lord, Change My Spouse Now! Five years into their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Scott are both dissatisfied. They both adore God, are born-again, and have a strong bond with one another. But with time, that affection seems to have diminished. The affection they had shared...

A Marriage With Less Conflict

A Marriage With Less Conflict In a marriage, arguments will always arise. When it comes to marriage, contrasting opinions are nothing new. You and your husband have different personalities and have operated in various ways for the previous years. To seek to change...

How You Can Rise Above Perversion

How You Can Rise Above Perversion. Tope sobbed bitterly as she described her story because of what she had gone through. Despite having grown up in a godly household, she ended up living a strange lifestyle. She was simply unable to believe it. She previously decried...

How to Forgive Your Partner and Move On

How to Forgive Your Partner and Move On There is no topic in marriage about which God does not provide suitable answers or directions. The same can be said about the problem of forgiveness in marriage. Marriage is the place where you will be most upset or irritated,...

I Have No More Feelings For My Lover

I Have No More Feelings For My Lover. I'm no longer in love with my spouse! No more feelings! It's okay, it's not an issue! The reality is that the "giz giz" sentiments you felt when you first met your partner are fleeting. Nothing is as volatile as emotions. So...

Bringing The Best Out Of Your Lover

Bringing The Best Out Of Your Lover Pray, pray, and pray some more. It is more than just religious advice. It is a tried and true method that has worked for many years. When a guy prays for his wife, he grows closer to God and relieves his wife of stress. This also...

Focus On These Areas In Marriage

Focus On These Areas In Marriage Life as a married couple is extremely demanding and requires a lot of wisdom. There are many areas you should focus on as couples. This morning, I will be identifying just a few of these areas as we all make up our minds to work on our...

The Judge and The Judged Of Your Love Life

The Judge and The Judged Of Your Love Life The Bible instructs us to judge ourselves so that we are not judged. In other words, judge yourself always! According to the Bible, 1Co 11:31 For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. So, in a practical sense,...

Called Or Sense of Calling?

Called Or Sense of Calling? 1. God qualifies those who are called. He does not call the qualified. I was a naive nineteen-year-old when God called me, and I did nothing about it until a few years later when I was graduating from high school. Is God asking you to...

The Word In Your Marriage

The Word In Your Marriage God’s word is potent. Keep nourishing your inner man with, books, messages, and church sermons. Your life's success depends on studying God's word regularly. And don't for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and...

Honor On The Wedding Day and Thereafter 

Honor On The Wedding Day and Thereafter  May God grant you honor on your wedding day! May honor attend to you throughout your marriage. So, what's the deal with honor? Whatever it is, doesn't it sound good? Let's look at the Bible. 1Sa 2:30b (KJV) but now the...

Being Still In A Marriage

Being Still In A Marriage Love is a wonderful thing when two hearts beat in unison. It is even more powerful when the couple has learnt how to be still! I'll be writing about being still today. If you wish to experience God's majesty and greatness, you must learn to...

Vision of Kisses & Huggs Club



Raising a generation of people who say NO to Sex outside marriage, with God in focus, His Word first place, and walking in the Spirit daily. 


Emphasizing marital commitments, sanctity, good family life, and restoring godly passion in marriage

About The Facilitators & Authors

Kisses and Huggs Club is a registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Nigeria. 

It began with publications of newsletters in 2007 and later evolved into a devotional blog for singles and married.

Facilitated by Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo, they provide positive marriage intervention to several people from virtually every continent on earth through online means.

Sophia pastors alongside her husband at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan.

They are blessed with three boys, Dunamis, Doxa & Dunamai and they make their home in Ibadan, Nigeria from where they reach out to the world.

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