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God’s word has solutions to all problems on earth and in heaven. Nothing else will be done or given to men that will improve upon God’s word. It is the complete counsel of God.

You can find a husband in God’s Word.

You can locate your wife in God’s Word. The scriptures teach us how to have a good home and family life.

The scriptures contain the wisdom required to rule in this world’s affairs. People seek love, husbands, wives, and relationships in all the wrong places.

Online dating sites are not the best place to go! Nightclubs and gatherings are not the locations to look for meaningful connections. Where shall I go, pastor? Go to God’s Word! Your response is waiting for you there.

When you are perplexed, God’s word is available to help you deal with it and fill your heart with light, which will dispel all confusion. When you are depressed, God’s word is available to destroy your depression and replace it with the joy of the Holy Spirit.

When you are hurt, wounded, and offended, God’s word is there to heal every wound and give you recompense of all deeds.

When you are filled with unforgiving tendencies, God’s word is there to give you the inner strength to do the godly and the needful.

This morning, what can Singles and Married Couples learn from Adam and Eve?
1. Man was made from the breath of God.
And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:7 KJV)

You will never be able to achieve much in your marital endeavors without God. God is the source of your life; He will also be the sustenance of your relationships and marriage.
You will never be able to achieve much without Him. There is no point wasting your time by ignoring Him or by kicking against His instructions. The earlier you flow with God and not with man, the better!

The earlier you learn to converse with Him on a personal basis and quit looking for some prophet, the better. Most of the so-called prophets are prophets for profit; they will collect your money and tell you lies.

You are the prophet of your own life, so develop a deliberate relationship with God and take charge of your destiny!


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