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The Rise of The Watchmen. I come to Kisses and Huggs Club this morning as a watchman, and I speak to some of you as watchmen.

I come this morning blowing the trumpet and sounding an alarm upon this land regarding pre-marital sex and other perversions. There is war upon the land! There is aggression from hell marching vigorously to render the marriage covenant useless and make rubbish of sexual purity.

The enemy is advancing. I hear the sound of the trumpet. The Rise of The Watchmen

Eze 33:3-7 (MSG) and if the watchman sees war coming and blows the trumpet, warning the people, [4] then if anyone hears the sound of the trumpet and ignores it and war comes and takes him off, it’s his own fault. [5] He heard the alarm, he ignored it—it’s his own fault. If he had listened, he would have saved his life. [6] “‘But if the watchman sees war coming and doesn’t blow the trumpet, warning the people, and war comes and takes anyone off, I’ll hold the watchman responsible for the bloodshed of any unwarned sinner.’ [7] “You, son of man, are the watchman. I’ve made you a watchman for Israel. The minute you hear a message from me, warn them.

I am here to warn you. I saw what Daddy Freeze wrote in response to a certain instance on social media and saying the Bible is not against premarital sex.

War in the land! How many people slept with each other and broke their sanctity on the days when this sound was made?

Most of the conclusions on social media are sadly unscriptural and straight from hell. The sound coming from social media is muffled and confused. A deliberate attempt to confuse a generation that is within confusion already. A generation beleaguered with sexual looseness, intricately woven together in a trilogy of lust, power, and mammon spirit. 

You cannot draw the truth from social media! Do you want the truth? Go back to the beginning. The law of Moses came with some permissions. Jesus summarized the drama when he said 

Mat 19:8 (KJV) …but from the beginning it was not so.

Whatever lapses you see in Old Testament came through the law. To get the truth, we go back to Adam and Eve.

Sex at random, pre-marital sex, one-night stands, and the like will remain a stench to heaven. Oral sex, anal sex, and all the cousins will remain a sin! Technology and AI will not later that!

As a watchman, talking to watchmen, hear the voice of the Lord this day! The Rise of The Watchmen

Eze 33:26 (MSG) You rely on the sword, you engage in obscenities, you indulge in sex at random—anyone, anytime. And you still expect to own this land?’

To own your portion in this land, to fulfill God’s counsel, to preserve your soul, sex at random and other perversions will remain a sin. 

I have done my job as a watchman this morning. Do your job as a watchman as well.

Stop sleeping with your fiancée. You are not married yet. Stop desecrating her if you really love her. Stop twisting the scriptures to feed your lust.

Stay faithful to your spouse. Small girls with big gods will end up in regrets, both the gods and the girls. 

What does God want? The Rise of The Watchmen

Eze 33:11 (MSG) “Tell them, ‘As sure as I am the living God, I take no pleasure from the death of the wicked. I want the wicked to change their ways and live. Turn your life around! Reverse your evil ways! Why die, Israel?’

Thus saith the Lord this morning, “Turn your life around! Reverse your evil ways! Why die?

You will not die in Jesus’ name, because you will not ignore this sound.

Now as watchmen, go ahead and make the right sound. It is our responsibility to release the right sound from heaven to swallow up every sound of sexual perversion!

Stay blessed!


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