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If I were a Single or Married Lady. This morning, I want to write to all ladies in the house and to all the men in their lives. From the wealth of experiences gathered during counselling times, there are things I would do and things I would never do if I were a lady.

Come to think of it, the lady seems to always be the one on the receiving end and the one that ‘suffers” and bares the consequences of unwise actions.

Think about it:

When a relationship breaks or doesn’t work out, who gets hurt the most?
The guy or the lady?

When there is disappointment concerning the wedding, who cries endlessly for days?
The guy or the lady?

When there is pre-marital sex, who is afraid of getting pregnant?
The guy or the lady?

When pregnancy is anticipated, who starts drowning in pills like a fowl?
The guy or the lady?

Who goes for all kinds of tests in the hospital?
The guy or the lady?

Who goes through the pain of abortion in the event of that?
The guy or the lady?

Who goes through the psychological trauma of murdering a life the most?
The guy or the lady?

Who combines psychological trauma with emotional pain and then with physical discomfort?
The guy or the lady?

If there were complications in the abortion process, whose body is affected?
The guy or the lady?

If a complication arises and life is threatened, who loses her life?
The guy or the lady?

If the womb is affected, who won’t be able to conceive eventually?
The guy or the lady?

If the decision is to have the baby, whose tummy protrudes?
The guy or the lady?

Who goes through the seeming stigma of carrying an unwanted pregnancy?
The guy or the lady?

Who goes through all the morning sickness?
The guy or the lady?

Whose body adjusts to the different trimesters with accompanying inconveniences?
The guy or the lady?

Who goes through labour pain, at that moment when a lady goes through enough pain that would drown any man and make a grown-up man cry like a baby?
The guy or the lady?

Hours or days before childbirth, who goes through the cramping, the tightening, the pounding, the stabbing, the back pain, the waves, the pressure, the pushing, and the exhaustion?
The guy or the lady?

Who becomes a “single mother?”
The guy or the lady?

Who does the breastfeeding afterward?
The guy or the lady?

I can go on and on….but wait a moment…

Who ought to be wiser? The guy or the lady?

But really, who seems to be unwise? The guy or the lady?
The answer to all of these seems to be The lady!

If I were a Single or Married Lady.

If I were a single lady, 

1. I will not indulge in sex. If you can not wait for me, then you can be on your way.

2. I will not use my body to prove any love, because sex does not prove any love. If it does, then every prostitute ought to fall in love with their clients

3. I will not be used as a toy. I am not created to satisfy a man’s lust

4. Any man that cannot wait till marriage is not worth it. If any guy wants to go, I will let him go, maybe his name is Abedne-go!

5. I will be secure in God. It might look like it is taking long, but God will surely do it.

6. I will serve God in my generation. I will pay the price for greatness.

7. I will stay out of every compromise. If I am doing anything wrong now, I will make all things right. I will move out of his house if I am not yet married. I will not go and spend any weekend again. I am not a dry cleaner or house help.

8. I will not run after any man. I am to be wooed, pursued, and valued. Not the other way around.

9. I will focus on God as my Jehovah Jireh, not on some money bag who wants to destroy my life.

10. I will wait for the salvation of God. I will not be ahead of God.

If I were a married lady

1. I will respect my husband and be humble in my home

2. I will seek to please my husband

3. I will pray and find ways to help my husband.

4. I will stay away from any unfaithfulness, knowing it could open doors for the devil

5. I will be open to my husband and I will keep no secrets

6. I will deliberately choose to be joyful, and shut the door of depression and the negative atmosphere at home

7. I will not close up my spirit against my husband knowing it will bring lack into the family

8. I will get healed of any hurts and bitterness and always trust God to make all things well.

I pray that God will send help to you in specific areas where it is needed.

If I were a Single or Married Lady!

I am God’s child. God loves me

Acts 5


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