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How Marriage Affairs and Adultery Begin

As a marriage counselor, I’ve had to mediate conflicts between various couples over the years. One significant concern is affairs or adultery.

This does not only apply to nonbelievers. There is also adultery within the church.

An affair is defined as a sexual relationship, romantic friendship, or passionate attachment between two people that occurs without the other spouse’s knowledge.

Nobody is exempt from having an affair. Nothing can ever justify an affair. God frowns upon it, and we do also on Kisses and Huggs Club

Why do affairs occur?

The answer is not far-fetched once we identify the main reason.

How Marriage Affairs and Adultery Begin

1. A forewarning and a wake-up call

Some people have affairs solely to “warn” their spouse and show them what they are capable of. Can you outdo that?

When you try to warn or return to your spouse through an affair, the repercussions are not pleasant.

Pro 6:32-33 (MSG)
Adultery is a brainless act, soul-destroying, self-destructive;  [33]  Expect a bloody nose, a black eye, and a reputation ruined for good.

How Marriage Affairs and Adultery Begin

2. The Demands

When either party’s sexual and emotional needs are not addressed, it is a red flag that an affair is on the horizon.

As a pair, try to meet each other’s wants as much as possible.

It aids in reducing the vulnerability that results from unfulfilled needs.

How Marriage Affairs and Adultery Begin

3. A Swollen Ego

This may sound silly, but guys frequently have affairs to restore a damaged ego!

At the same time, while this may appear “valid” to men, affairs are still wrong and will always have consequences.

Wives, don’t purposefully wound your husband’s ego. Instead, massage and shield it.

In Jesus’ name, may God provide you with more insight.

As singles, understand that double dating is the rehearsal for adultery. If your partner is cheating on you before the wedding, they will likely continue even after marriage.

Think well before you walk down the aisle. 


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