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Take Note of These Facts, Singles

Here are a few things to keep in mind as Singles.

1. Love Expression

It is acceptable to communicate your feelings for your fiancée, but you must not allow verbal expression to escalate into romantic antic. You certainly understand what I mean! There is a distinction to be made between expressing love and expressing lust. The former leads to regret and sorrow, whereas the latter leads to healthy partnerships.

For couples, keep expressing love to one another, and don’t let it be during bedroom affairs alone! 

Take Note of These Facts, Singles

2. In terms of Beauty 

Ladies who are not yet in a relationship should recognize that they will not appear attractive to everyone.

If someone thinks you’re ugly, that’s their view. You will be stunning to your spouse! According to the Bible, you are ‘fearfully’ and ‘wonderfully’ constructed. So it is acceptable to feel ‘fearful’ to some people. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

When your spouse sees you, you will be the most beautiful lady on the planet. So don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily.

Take Note of These Facts, Singles

3. Having a Sleepover

Things your parents should not hear and your preacher should not know are primarily inappropriate. It is not the time to spend the night at your fiance’s house cooking and washing singlets and boxers! This is not the goal of courtship. Every sexual compromise leads to confusion of the soul! 

Take Note of These Facts, Singles

4. Concerning Group Prayer

Avoid praying together in the middle of the night. Don’t put yourself in a trap. You’re praying together in his room at the evening, and the power goes out, and you’re still looking for a touch light? That is the moment to flee for your life.

It’s not so much that he’s a Christian or a prayer leader as he’s a guy and a human being.

All those prayers you say while wearing something seductive are slowly killing the guy. His eyes are red, his tongues are shifting, and you believe that is because of the anointing? No way, the man is on fire! And the bible states that you cannot carry fire in your bosom without being burned.

For couples, do not stop praying together, especially in the night! Never stop praying! 

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