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How will you know if your lover truly loves you or not?

  1. He will love God first

This is the first acid test to know whether a man would really love you appropriately or understands what love is.

Listen to me, guys, you will never be able to love a lady the right way until you love God first.

You don’t love a woman with money alone or with fame, otherwise, the love tangos of celebrities should have been successful, but that is not always the case. The fundamental cause of marriage failure among them is that they don’t know God.

God is love and love without God is no love, it becomes lust

Is he a God-lover? If he has issues with loving God, he will have issues with loving you. True love can only be shed abroad in your heart by the Spirit of God.

It is only the God factor in a man that won’t allow him to lift up his hands against his wife in the days on anger.

Will those days come? Yes, they will come, but what will restrain a man from the tendency of beating and battering his wife is that fear of God.

So then, Pastor, how do you know a man that loves God?

a. He would want to obey God always.
If you love God, you will keep His commandments. That is what Jesus said. He wouldn’t be insisting on pre-marital sex.

b. He will serve God with his time. He wouldn’t be too busy to serve God in any capacity.

c. He will serve God with his finances. He will not struggle with tithe. That is how you know a man that really loves God.

d. He will listen to his pastor or mentor. If a man loves God, he wouldn’t have problems with the servants of God.

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e. He doesn’t joke with his devotional life. He knows that is the source of his strength in God.

f. He will not manipulate your emotions or try to use you. The fear of God in him would not allow all that.

g. He will not be “okay” with habitual sins. He will be uncomfortable with offending God in anyway.

h. He will not be able to accommodate strife for too long. He will be forgiving and will not be comfortable quarreling for extended number of days without feeling bad about that attitude.

I can go on and on but those are just a few.

At the background of all these, however is the fact that nobody is perfect, and nobody will have it all. You will never be able to see a man that has it all. We are all “works of project” in the making.

So there may be mistakes here and there, but you will see signs of genuine repentance and willingness to make adjustments.

At the height of all these, do you have peace? If you have peace, then go ahead, irrespective of some imperfections. When I say, imperfections, I don’t mean consistent habitual sins!

I am led by the Spirit of God

Lord, teach me in the way to go and guide my feet into your plans

“No one who abides in Him [ who lives and remains in communion with and in obedience to Him—deliberately, knowingly, and habitually ] commits (practices) sin. No one who [ habitually ] sins has either seen or known Him [ recognized, perceived, or understood Him, or has had an experiential acquaintance with Him ].” (1Jn 3:6, AMP)

Read 1 Cor 13

1 cor 13


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