Tackling Marital Challenges Head-on 2

Tackling Marital Challenges Head-on 2

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Tackling Marital Challenges Head-on 2

3. Emotional Compatibility.

Male-female differences, differences in temperaments, differences in upbringing, and differences in emotional needs and expressions can put a strain on the marriage.

It is not actually these differences that put a strain but not accepting these differences and managing them well puts pressure on the relationship.

Couples should learn to accept, love, and celebrate each other’s uniqueness.

Criticizing, devaluing, demeaning, and having a sense of superiority will only put undue strain on the marriage.

So couples, you want to enjoy yourselves in your marriage? Celebrate each other’s differences. Don’t compare. Never make jest of your spouse publicly. Your spouse’s difference is what makes them unique.

Tackling Marital Challenges Head-on 2

4. Intimacy and Sexuality

Differences and changes in emotional, mental, physical, and sexual intimacy and Compatibility can be very challenging in marriage. In marriage, both husband and wife must be able to fully express what intimacy means to them. 

They must not be robbed of what intimacy means to them

Whatever makes the needs of the other party more important will put a strain on the marriage.

5. Conflict Resolution

Disagreements in marriage are inevitable. Couples however must learn to disagree to agree. Disputes can arise over various issues. The question is, do you have effective ways of conflict resolution? 

Any conflict you cannot resolve with both parties reaching a compromise has not yet been fully resolved. It will put an undue strain on the marriage.

Couples should embrace whatever method will make them achieve conflict resolution in their own marriage.

Tackling Marital Challenges Head-on 2

6. Balancing our individuality

In marriage, it is two people that are becoming one. Yet their personality and individuality must be respected. 

The man is the head of the marriage for functionality not for superiority purposes. 

Anytime the husband sees his needs as superior to that of his wife there will be problems and vice versa.

Couples should find a means to balance each other’s needs and find a way to meet those needs

We will continue tomorrow by God’s Grace.

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