An Excursion Into A Lady’s Mind Part 2

An Excursion Into A Lady’s Mind Part 2

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An Excursion Into The Mind Of A Lady Part 2. What does a lady want? That is our subject for today. Here is a typical conversation:

Bro.Zeru – Husband

Sis.Sube – Wife

Bro.Zeru: Hey dear, why are you looking so unhappy? What is wrong again?

Sis.Sube: Nothing

Bro.Zeru: Common, I know you now, there is something.

Sis.Sube: I said there is nothing.

Bro.Zeru: Ok, please, let’s talk

Sis.Sube: Is there really any need? It won’t change anything.

Bro.Zeru: Ok, I promise, let’s talk

Sis.Sube: You’ve not been there for me. You are not available. I can’t reach you.

Bro.Zeru: (Surprised) But I spend the whole office leave with you last week. We were together for one week.

Sis.Sube: Did we talk?

Bro.Zeru: But you didn’t say anything either. Will I be talking to myself?

Sis.Sube: You don’t have time for me. I am lonely.

Bro.Zeru: How can you say that? I don’t agree with that. How can you be lonely when I am here for you?

Sis.Sube: That is it. You will never agree.

Bro.Zeru: I am confused

Sis.Sube: When you are not watching movies, you are replying emails. When you are not replying emails, you are chatting away.

Bro.Zeru: I have to work now?

Sis.Sube: Yes, you are married to your work. Your work is more important than me.

Bro.Zeru: How can you say that? You know that is not true

Sis.Sube: That work is your first wife. I am just the neglected second wife

Bro.Zeru: I have to make money now? How would we have eaten?

Sis.Sube: You still don’t get it.

Bro.Zeru: I can’t get it. Very soon now, you will ask me to write you a check for shoes, jewelry, and others. I thought providing money makes you happy.

Sis.Sube: It makes me happy, but not as much as your availability.

Bro.Zeru: I am available, dear.

Sis.Sube: You are available, but I cannot reach you. You are there and you are not there. You are so near, but in your nearness, you are so distant.

Bro.Zeru: Ah! I am confused. Lord, help me. I want to make heaven.

Bro.Zeru is obviously frustrated. What he doesn’t know is that the greatest need of a lady is time and attention.

An Excursion Into The Mind Of A Lady Part 2.

Now I know there are ladies who don’t care a hoot about time and attention and all they want is money from some money bag who may be already married. These types of women are referred to as strange women in the scriptures.

I am talking about an average lady out there who loves God. Her greatest need is time and attention. Men need to understand this so they wouldn’t lose their wives! There are many marriages where the couple is no different from co-tenants or roommates because this great need has been neglected.  It is a legitimate need, and every lady needs quality time and attention to function properly in her capacity as a helper.

When you give a lady what she wants, you will enjoy the best of her in marriage. I wish men could understand this and stop being unnecessarily bossy or egotistical.

A lady who cannot get this legitimate need met would be vulnerable to meeting this legitimate need in illegitimate ways. When this need is not met, you open your wife up to temptation from colleagues at work, men she encounters who care less about destroying your marriage.

Due to this serious issue, a lot of wives have closed up their spirits against their husbands, and it would affect a lot of things!  It would affect finances, it would affect productivity and even children.

As singles in courtship, the same goes for you. You can easily lose her if you can’t give her time and attention. Yes, you may not be in the same location, but thank God for technology. When you have not called her in a week, she finds it difficult to believe that you really love her. And sincerely, as a man, when you really love a lady, you will want to reach her as often as possible.

Even when you are posted to a place that has no network, you will raise your phone high in the air, climb mountains or trees, and stand by the roof of the house, all in a bid to hear her sweet voice. That is what love is to her!

When you have not spoken to her in weeks, and she does not bother,  you can as well know that she is getting emotional fulfillment elsewhere. It may be from other friends, from parties, from church, from children if she is married, but she will definitely find a way to meet her emotional needs.

And that is when it can really get dangerous. If one Casanova walks up to her at such times, she becomes vulnerable!

So what have we learned from our excursion into the mind of the lady today? Never ever neglect her. Give her time and attention! Men, be humble and go ahead and repent! Take her out today and spend time with her. Let her talk to you! Leave your iPad and Newspapers at home! This is An Excursion Into A Lady’s Mind Part 2


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