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Why Your Lover Can Close Her Spirit Part 2. We started on this series two days ago and we have looked at two other devotionals in the series. If you missed them, find them below.

And also:

This morning, we are looking at the second part of Why Your Lover Can Close Her Spirit. Let’s dive into it.

2. When you make her feel foolish and stupid.

When you constantly imply that your wife is ignorant and dumb, she will be hurt.

You don’t always say it, but it’s clear from your body language and the way you discard whatever she suggests.

Sometimes a husband will not even listen to her opinion.

She is to be seen rather than heard? That is never God’s intention for marriage.

In reality, she is your helper!

Only if you had listened to her “dumb” or “stupid” ideas would you have saved a lot of money sometimes!

She may not be logical, but she is instinctive.

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You know the man you want to partner with in business, but she will tell you based on an intuition that the man will mess things up. Yes, she won’t have facts but you will find out she is often right. It’s intuition.

She has no proof, no precedent, but she has intuition!

Don’t dismiss your her gut instinct!

Why Your Lover Can Close Her Spirit Part 2.

3. When you make her a laughingstock

If you make your wife the target of crude jokes in front of your friends and family, she will be hurt.

Only a foolish husband would do such a thing! You’re supposed to protect her and project her, not embarrass her at every turn!

Make it clear to everyone, especially your parents, that you are proud of your wife.

Biting words and mocking her about her weight and appearance will easily wound her.

Constantly harping on her flabby tummy will not result in a tummy tuck operation!


Why Your Lover Can Close Her Spirit Part 2.

Take her to the gym or do a home workout with her!

She had that flabby tummy because she carried your baby in it for months, so treat her well!

And, dear lady, do all in your power to please your husband when he starts bugging you about your weight.

He is moved by what he sees! It is important to look your best not only for him but also for your health!

In Jesus’ name, God will help you!


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