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Why She Can Close Her Spirit. Yesterday, we looked at signs showing a wife has closed up her spirit against her husband.

We identified and explained the following five signs:

1. She begins to criticize you

2. You disagree on everything.

3. When she goes silent for several days

4. She pretends to be fatigued.

5. Her expression is always downcast.

These are surely not good places to be for the couple. Some of these tell-tale signs are also relevant even as singles in courtship, and you must seek counsel urgently when you notice any of them. It will be detrimental to ignore them and proceed to the wedding. 

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Why She Can Close Her Spirit 

Today, I’ll continue along that theme as we analyze what can cause a wife’s spirit to close down.

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1. When you continually and unrepentantly disregard her needs

When you repeatedly overlook your wife’s most basic wants, she will be hurt and come to believe that you never loved her.

This sensation can deteriorate to the point when she develops an emotional defense, the pinnacle of which is closing her spirit.

You see, in order to love your wife, you must do so on her terms, not yours.

This is primarily due to the fact that a man’s needs differ significantly from those of a woman.

So, while satisfying her requirements, it is frequently simple to interpret her needs based on your own, but this is not always the case.

Priorities differ, particularly at the emotional level.


Why She Can Close Her Spirit 

Allow her to explain her needs to you; you’ll be surprised that what’s vital to her is irrelevant to you!

As a result, the challenge is to concentrate on what may seem minor to you but is a major concern for her.

That is the definition of selflessness!

Her primary needs are always around attention and quality time!

May God bless your relationship and marriage


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