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Is Your Wife’s Spirit Closed Against You?

One of the most unpleasant points in a marriage is when a wife closes down her spirit.

Women are often more profound than men.

What a man may dismiss as a harmless jest may cause a lady to suffer for days.

What you believe is a joke could become a source of contention in your marriage if you are not careful.

Amo 3:3 (KJV)
Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

How will they move forward, how will they grow, and how will progress be made until they agree?

Is Your Wife’s Spirit Closed?

When a wife closes her spirit, prayers become ineffective, fasting becomes ineffective, and God’s favor is not assured.

What are they?

What are the telltale symptoms that a wife’s spirit has closed?

If you can locate two or three of the following, you should pay attention to your marriage and your wife.

1. She begins to criticize you

She used to be a fan of yours. She used to approach problems objectively. She used to give advice in her own unique style. But, over time, if you see she is simply criticizing, without really considering what you are saying, she is undoubtedly upset.

2. You disagree on everything.

When nothing you say makes sense, she rejects anything you say, and she appears unwilling to agree with you on anything, she has most likely closed down her spirit.

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Is Your Wife’s Spirit Closed?

3. When she goes silent for several days

Something is wrong if your wife abruptly withdraws and says nothing, contributes nothing and appears withdrawn.

She becomes quiet and withdraws inside her shell to express her dissatisfaction.

4. She pretends to be fatigued.

When it comes to the time to make love, she gives one of two reasons.

She tries to avoid it, and when she can’t, she lies down and lets you do what you want, but she’s bored, sad, and disconnected.

While you’re doing this, she could nearly be reading a novel. It indicates that she is in pain.


5. Her expression is always downcast.

Her facial expressions, countenance, and mien have changed from what they were.

Her formerly vibrant smile and excitement have all faded into apparent rage and pain on her face.

She lets you know she is uncomfortable and distant when you are with friends or people you respect.

These are symptoms that she is unhappy, in pain, injured, nursing emotional wounds, and that her spirit is quickly closing down.

This is not a good place for a husband to be because your spiritual efficacy will suffer, your oil will be depleted, and your productivity will suffer.

This is not a healthy situation for the wife since her susceptibility, as well as her husband’s vulnerability, will develop and they will be easily caught

It is not where God wants you to be as a wife.

After discussing the warning signals, what are the fundamental causes and how may they be avoided?

I pray that God would bring relief to every troubled marriage and that God will intervene and bring healing in Jesus’ name.


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