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Why He’s Not Putting a Ring on It

This devotional is for singles and married! 

The other day, I was talking our first son and his best friend, and my question was “When are you guys getting married? Both of them just smiled and replied with an expression like, “Marriage? Who is thinking of that?” When I was my son’s age, I was already “toasting” Pastor Sophia! 

Why do guys hesitate today? Why does it seem marriage is the last thing on their mind?

Let’s dive into this this morning. 

The world today is a fast-paced world, where instant gratification is often a click away, but relationships and marriage seem to be following a different timeline! 

This phenomenon has sparked curiosity and, at times, frustration among young ladies wanting to walk down the aisle. So, why are guys taking their sweet time to commit or walk down the aisle? 

Did you miss yesterday’s devotional? Read it below!

1. Individualism and Career Goals

The young man today is fiercely independent, valuing personal growth and career ambitions. Many young men are delaying marriage to focus on establishing themselves professionally and financially. This may nit be unconnected that there is “hunger” in the land! Building a career before building a home resonates strongly. For married couples, ensure there is a balance between you career and home! Family comes first! 

2. Perfect Timing

The concept of “perfect timing” is another factor contributing to the delay. Guys are more attuned to the idea of timing in their lives, often waiting for the perfect moment when all stars align – career stability, emotional readiness, and finding the ideal partner. This pursuit of the perfect scenario can lead to postponements in making significant relationship milestones.

After wedding, ask married couples, three will be more responsibilities, but this also makes you to sit up and harness every grace and opportunities available to take care of your family! 

I will stop here today! Watch out for the second part tomorrow! 


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