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Lord, Deliver Me From Me!

We live in a world of constant noise – pings from social media, pressure to keep up with the latest trends, and an unrelenting expectation to be everything to everyone. It’s easy to get lost in that chaos, losing sight of who we truly are. Whether you’re single or married, there’s one prayer that strikes a chord deep within: “Lord, Deliver Me From Me.”

Psa 139:23 (MSG) Investigate my life, O God, find out everything about me; Cross-examine and test me, get a clear picture of what I’m about;

We’ve all been there, staring at our reflection, wondering why we can’t just be a little more like this or a little less like that. In our pursuit of perfection, we become our own harshest critics and biggest roadblocks. But here’s a liberating truth: It’s okay not to have it all figured out. It’s okay to be a work in progress, constantly evolving and growing.

For the singles out there, society often makes it seem like you’re on a ticking clock, that you need to have your life mapped out with a fairy-tale ending. But guess what? Your worth isn’t tied to your relationship status. Your journey is uniquely yours, and it’s not a race against anyone else. Praying “Lord, deliver me from me” is a powerful way to let go of those self-imposed pressures and anxieties. It’s about asking God to help you embrace your singleness as a season of growth, discovery, and self-love. Being single isn’t a waiting room for happiness; it’s a chapter where you get to write the rules, discover your passions, and build an unshakable relationship with yourself and God.

Now’s your golden chance to dive into what makes you tick, explore new hobbies, and figure out your dreams – just you, no plus one needed. Use this solo time to get tight with God, finding out who you are in His eyes, which is pretty amazing and so much bigger than just being someone’s other half. Don’t just solo it; build your tribe of friends, family, and mentors – these connections are priceless. Got goals? Now’s the time to chase them down, whether it’s your career or learning something new. And most importantly, take care of your heart and mind, and find joy in your own company.

For the married folks, this prayer is equally potent. Marriage is a beautiful dance of togetherness and individuality, but it’s easy to lose yourself in the duo. “Lord, deliver me from me” is a heartfelt plea to maintain your essence while being an integral part of a union. It’s about asking for the grace to grow together without losing sight of who you are as individuals. It’s a prayer for patience, understanding, and the strength to be your partner’s ally, not their adversary. Remember, your marriage is as unique as a fingerprint, and there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Embrace your journey, with all its twists and turns, and know that it’s okay to be imperfectly perfect.

Just because you’re hooked doesn’t mean you vanish into the “we” – keep that awesome “you” shining bright. Picture your marriage like a bike ride; you both get to steer and enjoy the view. Living with your lover means patience is your new best friend. Think of your spouse as your co-conspirator in this adventure of life, not the opponent you need to outwit or outlast. Embrace the one-of-a-kind life you two are living together, and enjoy it!

Whether you’re single or married, young or old, the prayer “Lord, Deliver Me From Me” is a powerful reminder that we’re not alone in our struggles. It’s an acknowledgment that sometimes, the person we need to be delivered from is ourselves. So, let’s take a deep breath and step into this journey with open hearts. Let’s be kind to ourselves, embrace our flaws, and celebrate our victories, no matter how small. After all, life isn’t about having all the answers; it’s about trusting the One who does. Remember, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together, learning, growing, and finding our way. And in those moments when you feel overwhelmed, just whisper that simple yet profound prayer, “Lord, Deliver Me From Me,” and watch as peace fills your heart and guides your steps.


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