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Top 56 Valuable Lessons from The 56-Year Marriage of Joyce and Dave Meyer – Part 2

The Marriage of Dave and Joyce Meyer has been for over 56 years. In their Video, Talk It Out, they share candidly about the highs and lows of their journey together. Joyce notes early on in their 5-date courtship, they didn’t truly know each other. Yet through divine intervention, they found themselves bonded for life.

Based on this conversation with celebrated life coach and bestselling author Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave, here are some Valuable Lessons from The 56-Year Marriage of Joyce and Dave Meyer. This is Part 2. Read Part 1 Here.

Forgiving Quickly to Avoid Strife.

29. Satan wants strife but God wants peace. Joyce shares how realizing this, and refusing to get offended has helped. Forgiving and letting things go is key to avoiding discord.

30. Joyce and Dave warn against expecting overnight fixes. Trials often intensify before peace emerges, so persevering shows faith in God’s unseen hand at work.

31. The key is learning to accommodate each other. For example, while Dave may think Joyce’s processing style is “just wasted breath,” refraining from dismissive comments and listening respectfully goes a long way. Likewise, Joyce can try viewing situations from her husband’s logical perspective, even if she needs further discussion.

32. With patience and compromise, couples can diffuse tensions simply by acknowledging how their brains work differently.

33. Holding onto offenses is one of the surest ways to damage a marriage.

34. Joyce shared how she struggled with this early in her relationship with Dave but realized harboring resentment only benefits the devil.

35. The sooner spouses forgive small slights and absorb the word of love from First Corinthians 13, the smoother their union will go. “Love keeps no record of wrongs” is a radical concept in relationships but brings tremendous peace when applied.

36. Forgiveness also requires making a daily choice not to dwell on past hurts.

37. As Joyce said, the more one ruminates on offenses, the deeper the roots of bitterness take hold. But nipping issues in the bud through quick forgiveness keeps relationships clean and harmony intact. This helped the Marriage of Joyce and Dave Meyer a lot.

38. With practice, this can become second nature for even the most sensitive partners. Remember – it’s not about condoning bad actions but releasing the right to retaliate so love can reign free.

Seeing the Best in Each Other.

39. Dave lets Joyce be herself fully. Joyce has learned to see Dave’s logic as balancing her emotions, not opposing her. They’ve found humor in each other instead of aggravation.

Marriage of Joyce and Dave Meyer

40. Beyond communication gaps, every couple has their endearing idiosyncrasies that can push buttons if left unchecked. The Marriage of Joyce and Dave Meyer indeed is a great inspiration across the world.

41. Joyce humorously pointed out little habits of Dave’s, like noisily eating cereal or purposefully banging dishes louder when irritated, that get under her skin. However, she realized God made them with these distinct traits intentionally, perhaps for their own amusement.

42. We must appreciate our spouses as whole individuals rather than demanding they change harmless peculiarities.

Prioritizing Safety in Toxic Situations

43. While God hates divorce, abuse is never okay. If danger exists, safety comes first by distancing oneself until help is found. Otherwise, prayer and God’s guidance are vital.

44. While the above advice focuses on minor marital tensions, dangerously toxic relationships require a different approach to prioritizing safety.

45. Joyce rightly cautioned those in abusive situations to remove themselves and children from harm’s way, as God never intended endangerment. Additionally, prayerfully considering counseling or legal protection may become necessary steps of wisdom.

46. The role of prayer cannot be overstated even in these dire circumstances.

47. Communing continuously with Christ brings His empowerment, perspective, and discernment for the next steps.

48. Rather than facing challenges alone in one’s strength, total reliance on God’s guidance through Scripture and stillness lifts the heavy burden.

49. His perfect love casts out all fear as His plan and protection unfold. With His intervention, seemingly impossible problems dissolve. Love is a constant factor in the Marriage of Joyce and Dave Meyer.

Applying God’s Love.

50. Focusing on patience, kindness, and protecting the relationship helps. Seeing each other through God’s loving eyes transforms perspectives.

51. His Word shows us how to think of our spouse and ourselves.

52. Joyce emphasized consistently seeking God first in all matters, from minor annoyances to profound crises.

53. His love far surpasses any human love and fills what is lacking when spouses apply it through obedience, prayer, and wisdom

54. Together with Dave for decades, she stands as proof of the peace and joy available when Christ forms the foundation of a union.

55. With His help, couples can rise above natural tendencies to impatience, resentment, or control

56. In summarizing this discussion on marriage, the key lessons are to go into marriage with clear communication about expectations, to accept your spouse for who they are rather than trying to change them, and to rely on God’s wisdom in navigating disagreements and difficult seasons


While differences will arise, focusing on each other’s positive qualities and prioritizing individual responsibility for happiness can help strengthen the bond. With patience, compromise when needed, and a commitment to a lifelong partnership, a marriage has the potential to grow deeper in love and understanding over decades.

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