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Top 56 Valuable Lessons from the 56-Year Marriage of Joyce and Dave Meyer

Joyce and Dave Meyer have been married for over 56 years. In their Video, Talk It Out, they share candidly about the highs and lows of their journey together. Joyce notes early on in their 5-date courtship, they didn’t truly know each other. Yet through divine intervention, they found themselves bonded for life.

Based on this conversation with celebrated life coach and bestselling author Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave, here are some invaluable insights on how to build a strong, God-honoring marriage.

1. Joyce and Dave Meyer discuss the ups and downs of their early marriage and how their thinking has changed over the years.

2. Dave knew marriage was forever so he never thought about changing Joyce or leaving if things didn’t improve.

3. They had to learn about each other through experiences and God helped Dave deal with difficult situations. Over decades, Joyce and Dave Meyer learned to accept each other fully as God designed.

4. Dave applies relevant scriptures like Ephesians 5:28 to situations rather than dwelling on problems.

5. Joyce explains she came from a difficult childhood which manifested in erratic, emotionally volatile behaviors in their first years of marriage. She recalls giving Dave the silent treatment for weeks at a time when upset.

6. Dave remained steadfast, understanding where Joyce’s hurt originated while navigating ups and downs to learn about her. He displayed remarkable strength and commitment to their vows.

Common Mistakes in Marriage.

7. Trying to change your spouse instead of letting them be who they are. Realizing their unique qualities complement one another affirms God’s plan for oneness in marriage.

8. Joyce acknowledges trying to change Dave was misguided since transformation must come from within.

9. From the start, Dave viewed marriage as permanent, avoiding the “threat” mindset some have of changing or divorcing a spouse.

10. Focusing on what’s wrong with your spouse instead of what’s right is a common mistake.

11. Thinking you have to be happy for your spouse to be happy instead of each being responsible for their own happiness.

Handling Differences of Opinion.

12. It’s normal to have different opinions and likes in a marriage.

13. Compromise by allowing each person to decorate their own space.

14. It’s okay to disagree as long as you don’t think your spouse is wrong for having a different view.

15. Joyce recommends couples make a side-by-side list of each other’s positive and negative traits. For her and Dave, the good vastly outweighed the bad. By shifting mental focus to a spouse’s virtues, small flaws seem insignificant.

Dealing with Financial Disagreements.

16. Joyce and Dave Meyer advised that you talk through finances and goals before marriage to avoid surprises.

Joyce and Dave Meyer

17. Needs can change over time so revisit financial agreements.

18. Understand each other’s perspectives and fears around money.

Dave’s Experience with Saving Money as a Youth.

19. Dave shares how he learned the value of saving money from a young age. He explains how at 16 years old, he saved one thousand dollars cutting grass and selling items to buy his first car.

20. Dave emphasizes the importance of prioritizing spending money on important goals.

Accepting Each Other as God Made Us.

21. Joyce and Dave Meyer are different. Dave is more logical while Joyce processes things verbally.

22. One frequent source of disagreement between spouses is having differing communication styles.

23. Joyce mentioned how she likes to verbally process situations by talking through all the angles, while Dave prefers a more direct, logical approach. It’s not that either way is wrong, but recognizing these distinctions is important. They’ve realized God made them this way and focusing on each other’s strengths has helped.

24. When Joyce was unhappy, Dave modeled finding joy regardless through stable faith.

25. As Christians, we are not to let others dictate our moods but lead by example. Joyce was inspired to mirror Dave’s contentment.

26. Misunderstandings often arise when partners don’t understand each other’s methods of thinking and reasoning through problems.

27. Surrender fully to God’s design for oneness. Appreciate differences as completing each other.

28. Apply biblical solutions in tough times, not human reasoning. Prioritize your spouse’s well-being through humility, patience, and consistent prayer.

We will continue with Part 2 of Top 56 Valuable Lessons from the 56-Year Marriage of Joyce and Dave Meyer tomorrow.

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