Logical But Dangerous Habits You Should Run Away From

Logical But Dangerous Habits You Should Run Away From

Reading Time: 3 minutes

1. I will pursue my career, it is my life, don’t hinder me

Some married couples see their spouses as hindrances to fulfilling their careers, dreams, and desires. This is rather dysfunctional because, in God’s idea of marriage, your spouse is supposed to be an added advantage to the success of your career and dreams. No wonder the Bible says,’ One will chase a thousand, two will put ten thousand to flight’. This is a good deal, don’t you think? Your partner is supposed to push you ahead 10,000 times more. When you begin to feel otherwise, something is definitely wrong.

Maintaining balance between your career and relationship is one of the greatest achievements you can have in life.

2. My spouse cannot fully satisfy my needs, I need some other emotional affairs.

Well, in the agenda of God, your spouse is not supposed to play God and completely meet all your needs – that’s why ultimately your relationship with God is still your most vital relationship. Nonetheless, you do not need any form of an emotional affair, especially with any opposite sex. Your love relationship with your spouse should be such that you are satisfied and contented with the one God gave you needing no emotional gratification from any other.

For singles, this lie can open you up to double dating and emotional affairs, which are dangerous habits, because it is the rehearsal for extra marital affairs. You are supposed to be faithful, even emotionally.

3. Being vulnerable is not the best, you need to have some self defence mechanism

Usually, any self-defence mechanism that is not from the spirit of God will eventually lead to regret. God wants us to follow him and to do that wholly. Different people develop different defence mechanisms. Some don’t share their deepest longings; desires or aspirations, thinking if they do, this vital information will be used against them.

Some keep extended family issues away from their spouse, saying, ‘it’s my family issue, it’s none of your business.’ This is very defective because once you are married; you no longer have two families but one big family.

4. I need to have some people I get advice from without my spouse’s knowledge.

I am not saying you should not seek counsel. Remember in the midst of godly counsel, there is direction. However, the counsel is qualified – it has to be godly. That the Bible says ‘godly’ means there will be ungodly counsels too. One major characteristic of godly counsel is that it will seek to lead you more towards God and a well-balanced relationship. If this is the aim, then it should not be secretive, kept away from your spouse.
Any relationship your spouse does not know of or approve of will eventually lead to negative repercussions.

5. Little lies in your relationship are inevitable.

Some people feel lies are part and parcel of any relationship. Some even say ladies are wired to believe lies, they prefer lies to truth. Well, this is an ungodly myth that is a wrong seed in your marriage or relationship. It will eventually yield unpleasant fruits. There are no little or big lies, white, grey, or black lies. A lie is nothing but a lie. One degree away from the truth is a lie. Sincerity becomes a priceless ingredient in the making of a godly marriage or relationship.

I pray that God will help us more and continue to open our eyes of understanding to know Him more and understand His ways better.

The counsel of God is my delight. I have the wisdom to stay away from dangerous habits.

Pray that God will help you to stay on the path of truth and prevent you from falling into these dangerous habits.

All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient:all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any (1 Corinthians 6:12 KJV)

Take an inventory of your life and make amends

1 Cor 6

Dear Pastor, We’ve Been Kissing, Are We Cool?

Dear Pastor, We’ve Been Kissing, Are We Cool?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Yes, we’ve only been kissing, nothing more.

If as singles not yet married, you are not cool at all!

You are more like carrying fire in your bosom! 

Okay pastor, show me in the scripture where kissing is wrong!

Well, you will never find anywhere in the scripture where the Bible says ‘thou shall not kiss! In fact, if the Bible says anything about it, it is the fact that we can kiss one another with a holy kiss! Why then do we make so much issue and big deal on what the scripture says we are advised or commanded to do?

So, let’s take a look at the scriptures.

Greet one another with an holy kiss. (2 Corinthians 13:12 KJV)

Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss. (1 Thessalonians 5:26 KJV)

Salute one another with an holy kiss. The churches of Christ salute you. (Romans 16:16 KJV)

So why would Pastor say that I should refrain from kissing my fiancé or fiancée when the Bible permits us of such? Ok, let’s take a deeper look.

It is true that the Bible says, we should kiss one another with a holy kiss, but you need to understand the cultural context under which that is said!

The Jews normally kiss one another with a kiss.

If you remember, Jesus was even saying at a time nobody offered him a kiss. That is because a kiss at the side of the mouth is a form of greeting in Jewish culture.

Thou gavest me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet. (Luke 7:45 KJV)

If you also see the scriptures above, they use the word “greet” and “salute” with a kiss. This Jewish cultural practice dates back to the Old Testament days.

And his father Isaac said unto him, Come near now, and kiss me, my son. (Genesis 27:26 KJV)

Having established that this is a Jewish cultural practice, we can understand that this is not our culture in this side of the world. The western world is also a little bit disposed to greeting with a kiss without lust attached. But in a place like Nigeria, we don’t greet with a kiss!

In our culture, (even though this is fast disappearing) when a boy wants to greet his father, in some part of Nigerian culture, he prostrates. A girl kneels down! As the lady grows older, she is taught to genuflect when she wants to give something to an older person.

My point? There are holy kisses and there are unholy kisses! The Jewish kiss is holy because it is a form of greeting! The Nigerian kiss is unholy because it is not a form of greeting! Period!

If I walk into a meeting to preach with my wife beside me, and one of the ushers grabs my wife and plants a kiss saying “welcome ma,” I am going to remove my suit and fight real good! 

Somebody will say, “but you are a pastor,” and I will say “Yes, and that is why I am fighting!” Why is that example funny? Because we don’t greet with kissing in this part of the world!

That is why we often do it behind doors!

If I am kissing my wife behind the church and you bump into us, you will have to apologize. If I bump into you kissing a girl you are not married to, you are still the one that will apologize!

The problem with kissing as we see it in this part of the world and why we say you should avoid it as much as possible, is that it will lead you into some other sexual sins! Before you know it, you are involved in Jericho trap!

Whatever you did the last time you met, will not satisfy you the next time you meet because intimacy will increase when two people are in love, which will keep calling for more physical expression. That is what the law of progression says. Sincerely, there is nothing wrong with a peck, but the question is will you stay on that alone? Your body will call for more!

I usually tell ladies, you cannot submit your lips to a guy for kissing like you are submitting a paper in the exam hall. If the guy is hungry, let him go to the market and buy Kpomo (a type of meat from cowhide). Must it be your mouth he turns into food?

As Married Couples, don’t stop kissing one another in marriage. Do it regularly and at all times! 

Singles, wait for your time, okay? Don’t fan the embers, stay off every form of iniquity!

A lady came into my office years ago with her mouth doubled up like she’s been hit. I said, “what’s wrong with you, who hit you?” She hesitated and she knew she couldn’t lie. So she said, “it is one rough kisser!” Can you imagine? 

That one is not a Jewish kiss, nor Nigerian kiss, that is a German kiss! Just kidding!

When you are married, if you like, you can decide to kiss from morning till evening. God will say, “Well done!” But not before marriage! 

The power of life and death lies in your mouth, keep it well. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost! Respect it!

Married Couples, don’t stop kissing one another in marriage. Do it regularly and at all times! Singles, wait for your time, okay? Don’t fan the embers, stay off every form of iniquity and God will help you.

I discipline myself. I put my body under.

Ask for grace to stay chaste in thoughts, words, and deeds.

1 Corinthians 9:27 (KJV) But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

Decide to stop kissing

1cor 9


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These Notions About Relationships Are So Wrong

These Notions About Relationships Are So Wrong

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Marriage is instituted by God. The devil hates marriages. That is why the devil attacks marriages with a passion. A lot of people have terribly wrong notions of what marriage is.

In looking at the scriptures, we see a picture of what marriage is supposed to be. This morning, we’ll look at some of those underlining principles. Here are some wrong notions.

1. Marriage is a necessary evil

God does not create evil. In Genesis, everything He created, He said, “It is good.” However, the devil has succeeded in most people at misrepresenting the original intentions of God as concerning marriage. Marriage is not a necessary evil. If it were, then God will be unjust to set us up in that way. If I may put things in perspective, I will say Marriage is a blessing. It is a beautiful, thoughtful idea of God on humanity.

God’s idea is that one will chase a thousand, but two shall put ten thousand to a flight! God’s idea is that in marriage, your strength is multiplied. Marriage is not a nemesis, it is not a mistake, it is a divine arrangement of God to fulfill His purpose on earth.

2. Marriage is not necessary; I can just have one or two children

I have heard several ladies say this. I don’t want to get married to any man, but I want to have children. In the arrangement of God, children are supposed to come from a couple, a husband and wife, a man and a woman. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, not Eve and Eva! God’s idea is that children are raised in the atmosphere of love, with a man and a woman, a father and a mother. Every time, that man has flouted this, it has landed him into trouble.

Our prisons are filled today with people in a large percentage that were raised without a father or mother figure. Every time, a father or a mother was not there, it had produced dysfunctional children and ultimately dysfunctional families. By the time you have a dysfunctional generation, what you have in the end is a dysfunctional society.

3. There are no good men; all the good men have died

This is a wrong conclusion. Usually, ladies who have gone through harrowing and unpleasant experiences and disappointments in the hands of several men usually sing this song. Well, experiences, no matter how intense, cannot replace the truth of God’s word.

The reality is that there are still faithful men and good men! The danger here is that what you believe is what you attract. That is the law of life.

You see, it is always good to do things God’s way and not try to put things into your hands. When you try to follow your own limited wisdom, things can really get awful. You are not designed to do it by yourself or in your own strength!

4. You cannot be a ‘celebrity’ and have a good marriage

This is another lie of the devil. First of all, who does God see as a celebrity? I am not sure it is the same way our society views that. But that topic is for another day. Let’s follow the secular definition of who a ‘celebrity’ is.

Here are few things that usually land them in many unsuccessful attempts at marriage.

a. They have a lot of fame. With that comes a massive ego and a lot of pride. Usually, the selflessness that makes a marriage work does not come with all that.

b. They have a lot of money, so submitting to a husband or loving a woman is a great challenge. Without the constant renewal of mind which comes as a result of God’s word, this is usually a challenge.

c. There is something called deceitfulness of riches. It makes one feel you can do all you want to do and you don’t really need God. But then, this kind of attitude to life usually comes with its consequences as seen in today’s world.

d. They usually stay away from marriage because they feel that would tie them down and not allow them to live the kind of life they wanted.

e. A few of those who were married ended in divorce ad separation because they were not able to give time and attention to their spouses.

f. Their lifestyle and nature of work usually attract adulterous relationships. This further complicates the whole equation.

g. They are not able to submit to any authority figure for spiritual accountability purposes.

5. Marriage succeeds as long as there is money.

It does not work that way. Marriage requires both parties to work at it, loving themselves genuinely, understanding and speaking their love languages, spending quality time, and giving attention to the marriage.

I pray that God will give us more wisdom on this topic as we all work towards a successful marriage.

I pray for all going through one challenge or more in their relationships or marriages, I ask for peace on every storm and pray specially for God’s intervention in Jesus name!

I have the wisdom of God. I am delivered from the wrong relationship.

Lord, help me to discard every wrong notion about marriage in my mind.

But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female
(Mark 10:6 KJV)

Decide to live by God’s principles.

Gen 2


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Deborah, This Is Why You Have Not Been Found

Deborah, This Is Why You Have Not Been Found

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Deborah is a twenty-six-year-old lady who is not in any relationship. She visits her much older friend, Aunty Nike who has been married for fifteen years and the following conversation ensued.

Pick the words carefully, see the wisdom embedded in between the lines and learn a few principles in the conversation…yes, just a conversation. Somebody said the wisdom of a person can be found in his words.

Aunty Nike: So, my dear, how has it been?

Deborah: Well, it’s been great o…

Aunty Nike: So, when are we walking down the aisle?

Deborah: Aunty, I will walk alone?

Aunty Nike: God forbid

Deborah: I never find person o… (I have not found anybody)

Aunty Nike: You are not to find a man; you are to be found.

Deborah: And if I’m not found?

Aunty Nike: You will be found?

Deborah: But time is going, Aunty, and the pressures are much!

Aunty Nike: Are you sure you are findable?

Deborah: Findable? I go write am for head? (do I have to write that on my forehead?)

Aunty Nike: Not like that.

Deborah: So how?

Aunty Nike: You know what the scripture says, right?

Deborah: Tell me, Aunty

Aunty Nike: He that findeth a wife…

Deborah: Oh that one. I know it.

Aunty Nike: Do you notice what it says? He that finds a wife…

Deborah: Yes, what does that mean?

Aunty Nike: He that finds a wife…not a woman, not a girl.

Deborah: I see

Aunty Nike: There is a difference

Deborah: But I don’t understand. How do I become a wife before being found?

Aunty Nike: That’s the core message in there. If you don’t become a wife, you are not findable!

Deborah: But it is you people that will preach now that one should not have pre-marital sex, you should not go and spend weekends in a guy’s house, you should not cook or wash boxers, and so on. So how do you become a wife before being found?

Aunty Nike: Good question. I will give you a good answer.

Deborah: I dey hear o… (I am listening)

Aunty Nike: It is not becoming a wife in terms of physical actions; it is more of preparation of the heart.

Deborah: So, I will become a wife in my heart? You these spiritual people! How?

Aunty Nike: Yes, because according to that scripture, what must be found is a ‘wife’

Deborah: So how do I become a wife in my heart, Aunty?

Aunty Nike: You become a wife in your heart through your preparations and dispositions.

Deborah: Aunty, no confuse me with grammar o. (don’t get me confused with bogus words’)

Aunty Nike: It is very simple. The question is ‘are you a wife material?’ Are you prepared? Every man is looking for a wife material, not a girl.

Deborah: Aunty, I am not a girl. I am twenty-six

Aunty Nike: It is not about age. You can be thirty-five and yet not be a wife material…still a girl in your dispositions.

Deborah: Dispositions?

Aunty Nike: The way you think, which informs the way you act.

Deborah: Aunty, I need to get married fast, I am getting miserable

Aunty Nike: And after marriage, the misery will fly away? To far-far-away kingdom?

Deborah: Yes now, with a husband by my side.

Aunty Nike: You are not yet a wife material.

Deborah: Aunty, which one now, you wan curse me? (You want to curse me?)

Aunty Nike: I am not cursing you, I am telling you who you are, you are still a girl and you are not yet ready to be found.

Deborah: How?

Aunty Nike: What is the definition of a wife?

Deborah: A woman who is married.

Aunty Nike: That is dictionary definition; give me biblical definition.

Deborah: I no be pastor, Aunty (I am not a Pastor)

Aunty Nike: ok. A wife is not just a married woman, but a married woman who is a help-meet. A wife is to complete her husband. She is coming with something on the table, not just coming to get! When you say you need a husband because you are feeling miserable, what you need to know is that marriage will not remove the misery; it will only make you a married miserable woman and probably drag the man into misery as well.

Deborah: Aunty, I don hear! (I have heard)

Aunty Nike: You better hear!

Deborah: At least, I won’t be lonely again…all those nights I spend alone hugging my poor pillow…

Aunty Nike: There you go again. You are still a girl.

Deborah: Something is wrong with that statement again?

Aunty Nike: Everything is wrong with it.

Deborah: Tell me, Aunty.

Aunty Nike: Marriage does not solve the problem of loneliness. It solves the problems of aloneness. God told Adam, it is good for man to be alone, not lonely…

Deborah: I don’t get…

Aunty Nike: There are many married people who are very lonely. Due to selfishness, ignorance, pride, and unforgiving spirit…

Deborah: Na wa o…make person no kuku marry now… make I just find one man wey go giv me pikin na… (This is serious. Maybe I should not get married then. Will just have a kid from a man)

Aunty Nike: There you go again; you are a girl. I know why you have not been found.

Deborah: See, Aunty, I have been praying and fasting…

Aunty Nike: That is not the first thing you need. What you need to do first, is to renew your mind with God’s word daily and read a lot of good books to prepare for marriage. Get on KHC and devour those devotionals!

Deborah: Aunty, fasting, and praying is important. I even go to the mountains to do dry fasting.

Aunty Nike: After you fast and pray, the man shows up, and then you drive him away with your ‘girlish’ attitudes and dispositions!

Deborah: Aunty!

Aunty Nike: You need to become a wife first. You need knowledge. A man of knowledge increases strength! You need to be informed and be prepared. You need to understand what marriage is. You need to know that marriage is not just a contract but a covenant.

Deborah: How do I do all that?

Aunty Nike: Renew your mind by reading God’s word daily. Follow KHC devotionals daily and learn all you can learn. Be prepared. Become a wife in your heart, not by offering sex to keep a man.

Deborah: No sex, Aunty?

Aunty Nike: None of that until after marriage!

Deborah: So how do I test what I am going for?

Aunty Nike: Another reason you have not been found. If anybody finds you like this, he is a boy, not a man, and he is looking for fun, not commitment!

Deborah: So how do I test if we are compatible?

Aunty Nike: Oh, since you have been testing, where has it gotten you? And what is your standard for compatibility? And after testing, how do you know if he is compatible or not? And if he is not, you look for the next man to sleep with? How many people will you keep on testing for compatibility? You will just discover one day you are fifty and you are still testing!

Deborah: Aunty, don’t be harsh.

Aunty Nike: You need to become a wife, dear. The scripture cannot be broken. It is ‘he that findeth a wife… It is better to trust God for direction rather than turn yourself to a testing ground.

Deborah: It is well

Aunty Nike: Go get books to read. Get a mentor to take you through. Read your Bible daily. Then pray for direction. God will surely help you. You will be found. The man will not only be handsome, but he will also be so anointed to the teeth! When he smiles, you will fall under the anointing!

Deborah: Aunty!!!

I will be found by the right man

Lord, make me a wife

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD (Proverbs 18:22 NLT)

Read books on marriage

Psalms 100-101


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Ten Decisions That Can Turn Your Relationship – Part 2

Ten Decisions That Can Turn Your Relationship – Part 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes

6. Decide to have quality relationships.

When God will send help, He will use men. Appreciate people and don’t bang or kick at doors, if you must close doors, close them gently.

You might still need to pass through the same doors some years down the line. So, don’t take the doors off the hinges or the hinges off the door!

7. Decide to be nice.

Be ready to offer help when you can. Learn to relax and smile. You are not the only one that has issues, so don’t stamp them on your forehead. Don’t walk with your shoulder down like all the problems of the world are on you.

Don’t get so depressed because you have no suitors to the point that your countenance is sending them away without knowing!

Joh 15:12 (KJV) This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

8. Decide to stay where you are appreciated and not where you are just tolerated.

Everybody wants to be appreciated. Our dog, Shady, would refuse to eat when you scream at her. How much more, humans! Don’t let men trample on you and your esteem. Don’t sell your body for money. Maintain your dignity.

1Ti 4:12 (KJV) Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

9. Decide to be humble.

Remove every shoulder pad because God is just starting with you. The last miracle you got is the least God can do in your life. Stay humble. God resists and opposes the proud. He exalts the humble.

Thank God for every breakthrough and don’t let it get into your head. Don’t stop going to church because of a couple of millions in your account!

Jas 4:6 (KJV) But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

10. Decide to be a giver.

Never ignore opportunities to give! Fulfill your vows. Don’t joke with your tithes. Be a kingdom investor and you will see more coming your way! It never fails.

Pro 11:24 (KJV) There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth;and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.

I chose to make quality decisions that will advance my life. 

Lord, help me to be disciplined with my decisions.

Galatians 5:16, NLT: “So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves.”

What decisions are you taking today? 

Joh 15