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Our Campus Love Story Part 2

Did you miss Part 1? Find it below.

So we went around the rooms welcoming the new students on that wonderful evening. This would play out to be the very first time I set my eyes upon her.

Wondering who sent us that day, but went anyway. 

So we got to her room and it happened that we spent the longest time with her, and interestingly, I had the shortest conversation with her because my two other friends had a common ground with her immediately while I had none!

Don Moen just released a hit song at the time and it happened that she was playing that song when we entered her room.

My two friends knew the song, while I did not have a clue, having been raised as a purebred Anglican Church guy. 

So they sang along and discussed the song while I just looked on.

While there, God told me point-blank she would be my wife. While she was stunningly beautiful, I was not in love. I admired her, but there was no desire then.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in a “knowing at first sight’ This was exactly what happened to me. 

You know, the Holy Spirit informed me of what was to happen but did not ask me to go and ask her out immediately. 

And this is where we often make mistakes. We often jump out and the lady is not ready and you get a resounding No! When God speaks to you and you have a burden, find out whether it is a burden for PREPARATION or PERFORMANCE.

Do not follow your feelings, follow His voice! That is where peace is and that is where fulfilment lies!

I will continue tomorrow.

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