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Our Campus Love Story Part 1 

By divine orchestrations, we found ourselves together at Ogun State University, Now known as Olabisi Onabanjo University. I came in 1991/92 session and she came in 1993/94 session. 

I was two years ahead of her, in 300 level while she came in as a new student. 

Most of my friends had girlfriends, I had none. They would often bring girls to the hall and the girls would spend days and sometimes weeks! 

I was always amazed, like, what did they tell these “fine girls” that made them abandon their own schools and classes and relocate to another school to play the role of “small Mummy?”

And yes, you should never do this as a young lady! 

Listen to me, every time you do that, it will always culminate in some regret! 

You are never able to “hold” a man or secure him, by subjecting yourself to such “affliction!” That is the only thing I can call it! 

I call it an affliction because on one of the occasions, one of the guys who had “camped” a girl for two weeks straight took a belt and beat up his girlfriend! I was the one who went to collect the belt from him! Wasn’t that an affliction? 

It was one of the reason I did all my best to get a “one-man-room” because guys who brought in girls easily “de-roomed” their roommates. This means the roommate had to look elsewhere to sleep! 

The parents of these girls would never imagine where their daughters were and the parents of the guys too would never imagine their wonderful sons were already on that lane! The more reason as parents, you consciously start inculcating the right values in your children! 

Back to how I met her! On her very first night, my self and two other friends went round to welcome the new students that we referred to as “Jambites! 

So what happened?

I will continue from tomorrow! Leave in comment section if you want me to continue tomorrow! 

Good morning!

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