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Creative Ways To Show Romantic Love

So yesterday, I started teaching on this topic. I established the fact that romantic love is essential in relationships and it makes marriage exciting.

Kindly read yesterday’s devotional.

5 Ways to Grow Your Romantic Love.

Yesterday, we looked at:

  • Understand their love language and speak it.

It is the duty of everyone in a relationship to discover, understand, and then start speaking their partner’s love language.

In marriage, you keep on speaking and rediscovering your spouse’s love language over time and as occasion demands. Yesterday’s love language may not be today’s love language.

  • No love without giving

A gift is like a magic wand that brings favor. The Bible says good understanding procures favor. Understand the magic that gifts bring and use it to your advantage whether in relationships or marriage.

Today, we are looking at:

3. Express your love to your lover in creative ways.

Just yesterday, while my housekeeper was cleaning and clearing the house, I saw one of the love notes my husband wrote to me way back in 1996. It was so heart-warming. I handed it over to him, and he read it to me again.

So sweet. I felt loved all over again. I saw his heart and his love so genuine and pure.

There was nothing sexual about that love letter. It communicated his love to me, our future together based on God’s promise, and our love together in its purest form.

Of course, I kept the note and cherished it. A 28-year-old love letter, neat and fresh, just like it was written yesterday. It was neatly written on pink cardboard and designed. Talk about romantic love, that is what I mean. My husband is more romantic than I am, you can bet.

It was not expensive, just a cardboard and pen, but it was and is still so priceless. It means so much to me.

Those days we could not afford anything fanciful, not even a date at a restaurant, but our romantic love was intact. No one could have convinced us that we were not in love.

So, singles, be creative in expressing your love to one another without being sexual.

To our married folks, good romantic love in a relationship serves as a good foundation upon which to build and continue expressing your love to each other in very creative ways.

Your husband or your wife will still long for that romantic part of you. Never allow the busyness of being married to steal that aspect of your marriage. If it does, the marriage starts to nosedive. Remember, he/she is still that boy or that girl you fell in love with. To be continued tomorrow.