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Winning Romantically!

This is the final part of the series I started two days back. If you missed them, find them below.

Now, the final part!

4. I am sorry. I win.

Nothing grows romantic love like being quick to forgive. When we see that we are drifting away from our sweet spot, forgiveness does the magic. Notwithstanding who is at fault. Just taking the initiative to say ‘I’m sorry’ first does the trick. It is maturity. Say sorry first, and you win.

Whenever you swallow your pride for the sake of growing your romantic love, you win.

As singles, forgiveness is a constant in a relationship. Practice and learn forgiving the one you love. Don’t count scores. Your flesh will want to pay back evil for evil, tit for tat. Learn to be more like Christ. Let your romantic love grow to be more patient and kind, gentle, not boastful, not envious.

In marriage, the Lord warns us never to allow strife.

I think it is in marriage that most offense happens. Your spouse will step on your toes and still justify their actions.

Opposites truly attract, but with time, they begin to repel. Don’t let animosity fester. Apologize when your spouse is angry at you. Little things may anger your spouse; don’t rationalize, don’t be logical about how or why he/she should be angry, just apologize.

An apology is not about who is wrong but about having feelings for the one who is pained.

5. Appreciation

These two words, ‘thank you,’ grow your romantic love towards each other. It shows your sensitivity to the needs of your partner to be appreciated.

As singles, never take your partner for granted. This understanding is very necessary if you want your romantic love to grow in a healthy way and not be stunted.

Remember that it is a privilege for your partner to be nice, kind, good, forgiving, hardworking, thoughtful, neat, punctual, and the list of good virtues and qualities goes on and on.

Appreciate whatever good you see and recognize in your partner. When it comes to looking at their good qualities, look at it with a magnifying lens. Don’t let their good deeds be little in your eyes.

Remember, whatever you appreciate, appreciates. Whatever you don’t appreciate, depreciates.

As couples, make appreciation a big deal. Celebrate your spouse for the simplest things. Never take them for granted. 

God bless you!