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You Should Be Grateful Today!

Today, being the last day of the year is significant!

Like they often say, he that is not grateful is a great fool! I want to quickly show you just one reason out of many why you should be grateful today! 

You are alive! 

Psa 150:6 (MKJV) Let everything that breathes praise Jehovah. Praise Jehovah!

Regardless of what your experiences have been, you are still alive! If there is life, there is hope and there is a way! 

Do not hold back in thanking God today! You Should Be Grateful Today!

Oh, I don’t even know how to give thanks! Let me give you an example! 

Rev 5:13 (MKJV) And I heard every creature which is in the Heaven and on the earth, and under the earth, and those that are in the sea, and all who are in them, saying, Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him sitting on the throne, and to the Lamb forever and ever.

Say “Blessing and honor and glory and power be unto you, O Lord! Then begin to reel out all He has been to you this year! Verbalize your gratefulness to Him and let Him hear your good words. 

Oh, maybe you forgot, a lot of people have been laid aside this year! A lot of people have been buried and probably forgotten! You Should Be Grateful Today! 

But Pastor, I could not realize all my dreams this year! Oh, is it just about “realizing?” Are you aware that for some, the dreams and the dreamer went six feet below, buried, and never to show up again on this side of the world?

Isa 38:18 (MSG) The dead don’t thank you, and choirs don’t sing praises from the morgue. Those buried six feet under don’t witness to your faithful ways.

You Should Be Grateful Today! Thank Him throughout today! Refuse to complain. Decide to end this year on a good note and give all the glory to God throughout today! Enter the new year with gratefulness to God because He”s got your back!

Be blessed indeed!


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