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Will You Fight Or Give Up? I remember vividly. It was examination time. The news traveled all over the campus. He was a final-year student in the Law Department. He was writing one of his papers. But the examination was rudely interrupted because he lost his mind. He never wrote that examination. 

We live in a wicked world. The devil has come down with wrath. His time is short and he wants to wreck as many destinies as he can.

We all have issues in our families and extended families. There is always a family or lineage issue. In some families, they simply die young. In some, they usually marry late. In some, they hardly marry at all. In some, there is not a single millionaire. The only one that attempted it lost his life at it. In some, they give birth late. In some, it is diabetes, while in others, it is cancer. In some, they travel out and they never come back. In some, they are mostly drug addicts. In some, they are prone to marital abuse. In some, they are never well-read. In some, they are well-read but never get good jobs, In some, it is a story of separation and divorce. It goes on and on.

When you find yourself in the midst of such attacks and visible trends that are negative, you don’t joke about your relationship with God, or else you will repeat the history of your lineage.

You see, there is a way to exempt yourself! Will You Fight Or Give Up?

The first thing is to make sure you are born again and you have a relationship with God. That is the starting point.

The second thing is to stay away from compromise. Do you know what compromise does? It drags you back to the devil’s turf, and it is like cooperating with the enemy of your soul. You see, you cannot go far with God if you are always getting into sinful habits and yielding to the flesh. That is what Apostle Paul is trying to say here:

“Are you so foolish and so senseless and so silly? Having begun [ your new life spiritually ] with the [ Holy ] Spirit, are you now reaching perfection [ by dependence ] on the flesh?”  (Gal 3:3, AMP)

You started a life in God as His child. You cannot go back to your old way of living while still claiming you are His child. You cannot be in the choir and sleep around. You cannot be the assistant pastor and be desecrating that soul committed into your hands. You cannot be a leader in the church and yet you are defiling several lives. You cannot be canceling lives that came for you for counseling.

Paul said it was foolish and senseless. Why would he say that?

It is the same reason I started with. You looked around yourself and you see battles. You see attacks. You see haters. You see people that don’t want you to rise. 

As a child of God you are simply exempted from these attacks. But when you go back into some habitual sins, you actually empower the devil and his cohorts against yourself. That is why Paul said it is simply senseless and foolish.

Yes, it simply foolishness to shoot yourself in the leg. 

Your grandfather had a child out of wedlock. The same thing happened to your dad. And now, your girlfriend wants to be spending nights at your place, does anybody need to tell you that condoms would soon fail and the same household wickedness is about to be perpetuated?

Your dad and mum are divorced. Now, you and your wife are about to do the same thing and you blame it on “she is disrespectful or he doesn’t love you.” Don’t you know that forces of hell are at work?

Will You Fight Or Give Up? Listen to me, it is time to fight. Fight for your life. Fight for your destiny. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your posterity and prosperity. Fight for your dream. Fight for God’s counsel over your life!

Decide to live right. That is how to fight. Decide to stay away from all forms of sexual sins. Do not empower the enemy against your destiny. 

Jesus destroyed the curse of the law. All curses have been dealt with and you have been redeemed from the curse of the law. Jesus spoilt principalities and powers and made a show of them. He lined them up and showed them to the body of Christ that they are now weak and beggarly elements.

Glory! Jesus conquered them! Will You Fight Or Give Up?

Now, you need to enforce victory over every evil by your relationship with God and by living a life devoid of sin.

Fight by looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith! You already won, you only need to enforce that victory.

Let me conclude with this well-known scripture:

“From the time of John the Baptizer until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful people have been seizing it.”  (Mat 11:12, GW)

Decide to be forceful from now. Decide to rebel against what God has not given you! It is time to uproot every tree that God has not planted in your life. 

May God grant you more understanding. Will You Fight Or Give Up?


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