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Why Your Lover or Spouse Is Not Talking. The Johnsons are here again. The once vivacious, excited, laughing-out-loud Mrs. Johnson has become a shadow of her herself. She is completely withdrawn into her shell and then sealed the shell with super glue. Her husband couldn’t reach her again. She is not just distant, she is unreachable, akin to the annoying response from mobile phones which says “this number is unreachable!” 

Sally on the other hand who is engaged to George is completely frustrated with the new leaf her fiancee has turned. He just won’t talk and comes across as stiff as a board most times. 

Why do our lovers and spouses press the mute button? Why do our lovers who were once “always on” hibernate to the inner recesses of their minds where their emotions are iced and the romance’ nervous system shuts down indefinitely?

This is what we will look at today and maybe next few days. I will attempt to give us five reasons why this may be so.

Why Your Lover or Spouse Is Not Talking 

  1. They are not hearing anything 

When your spouse is hearing nothing, they say nothing! 

Take a look at the Scripture we’ve been looking at the past few days. 

Mar 9:17 (KJV)
And one of the multitude answered and said, Master, I have brought unto thee my son, which hath a DUMB SPIRIT;

When they brought the boy to Jesus, they complained about a dumb spirit. This means he can’t talk. But why couldn’t he talk?

When Jesus would cast out the spirit, he mentioned something more! 

Mar 9:25 (KJV) When Jesus saw that the people came running together, he rebuked the foul spirit, saying unto him, THOU DUMB AND DEAF SPIRIT, I charge thee, come out of him, and enter no more into him.

When they complained to Jesus, they said he had a dumb spirit. When Jesus would cast out the spirit, he said “dumb and deaf spirit!”

In other words, the reason he was dumb and won’t speak is that he was deaf! 

He wasn’t hearing anything, and so he wasn’t saying anything! 

Have you ever spoken for two hours to your spouse and then your wonderful lover replies with “Ok!”  What? The reality is that they might not have heard anything! 

Psa 19:2 (AMPC)
Day after day pours forth speech, and night after night shows forth knowledge.

Speech comes because something has been heard or shown! 

As couples, when your spouse who talks before now hardly talks, this could be why?

Are you sure you are really communicating? Why Your Lover or Spouse Is Not Talking 

Stop nagging, ranting, lecturing, sermonizing, and screaming, at your lover or spouse! Those utterances are doing more damage than good.

Seek to make your spouse understand lovingly rather than just talk! Your goal should not be to just talk and spill out, but to be understood! 

Henceforth, one of the things you should do is to lovingly ask your spouse to talk back to you based on what you have just said. If they are able to, they have listened. If they are unable, then you have not communicated yet! Rather than get angry at that, seek to be understood!  

May God grant you more wisdom. We continue tomorrow. See REVIVE Day 14 below and use it to pray for your relationship and marriage! 

Why Your Lover or Spouse Is Not Talking 


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