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Here are a few reasons why you should not leave your marital bed.

Son 2:15 
Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

I want us to take note of three points from the preceding scripture.

1. Take these little foxes.

2. The foxes are little, insignificant issues.

3. Our vines, (marriage) have tender grapes.

Marriage has the ability to produce tremendous results when we operate it with biblical principles.

I want to emphasize that godly ideals are not always easy.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Matrimonial Bed

The following are some legitimate reasons why either the wife or husband would leave their marital bed: 

1. My spouse snores and sleeps restlessly. I can’t function without a decent night’s sleep.

2. My wife has just put to bed. She requires ample space to nurse our child.

3. Because I require privacy, let us have separate rooms.

4. I need to teach my wife or spouse a lesson because we haven’t spoken in a long time.

5. My wife is having her monthly period right now. I’ll return when she’s finished.

God’s principles, on the other hand, demolish all forms of this logic.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Matrimonial Bed

You become one flesh after marriage. Leaving your “flesh” in one room is not an option.
Accept the person you married, since love is patient.

Do not leave your wife alone to raise your baby. Keep an eye on her, especially at night.

You will not have any privacy if you leave your spouse in one room and go to another. Such actions as a matter of fact leave doors for the devil to invade your so-called privacy.

You deal with your problems by talking about them. Separate quarters will only cause you to drift apart.

Her monthly period is natural. You were aware of this before marrying her, so stick with her. If you can’t stay with her for 5 days in a month, you won’t be able to stay with her for the rest of your life.

God bless you and your marriage.


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