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Why Lovers Break Up

Happy New Month! This month will be a glorious month for us all. God has been good. We just have six months to go this year! May God honour you and yours this month in Jesus’ name!

We all grow up with certain habits.

If they are healthy habits, praise God.

If they are unhealthy habits, you have a lot of stuff to confront and deal with.

Your habits eventually form you.

Your habits determine your attitude temperature.

For example, a person who grows up in a polygamous setting would have certain habits and outlook on life.

Such a person will be suspicious of everybody. Everybody is a suspect. The fighter in such a person is always on alert. The person lives with his attack and defense on overdrive all the time.

Now, those kinds of habits seem right because the person has had those habits for a long time.

But the reality is that the fact that you’ve had those habits for long does not make them right.

Let’s just pick one deadly habit that would ruin any relationship.

What exactly is it?

When you have a Whisperer as a friend!

Why Lovers Break Up

Proverbs 16:28 (KJV)  
A froward man soweth strife: and a whisperer separateth chief friends.

Wow! Read that again and again!

Let’s break this down.

I think the scriptures are just too loaded. And very practical.

God sure knows His children!!!

A froward man or troublemaker sows strife. We all know that strife is dangerous.

How does he do this?

He does this by “whispering”

A troublemaker sows strife as seed through words, whispering.

Beware of a whisperer.

The Yorubas have a not-too-nice name for it – “Gbeborun!”

A whisperer is ineffective until he or she has a fellow whisperer.

Never allow a whisperer to make you his dumping ground. You are not a refuse ground!

If you are in a relationship and you have a whisperer friend, that relationship may not last because the goal of the whisperer is to separate chief of friends.

His unwritten goal is to break that relationship.

Why Lovers Break Up

Who is a whisperer?

He or she is the gossip!

That is how the Message Translation describes it.

Proverbs 16:28 (MSG)  
Troublemakers start fights; gossips break up friendships.

Do you have a friend who is a gossip? Or are you the gossip?

You will unconsciously mess up your own relationship and others’ relationships if you are not careful.

A whisperer or gossip will end relationships.

The whisperer gossips about everybody, gossips about parents, pastors, friends, and just anybody.

One whisperer can throw a church apart because he or she doesn’t just talk, he SOWS strife and whatever is sown grows!

I will stop here this morning.

Once again, Happy New month… and well, say bye-bye to all whisperers as the new month begins.


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