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Why Did You Marry Me?

Pastor Sophia and I did this yesterday via YouTube. Did you miss it?

Find it below and enjoy the lessons, the laughter, and the conversation!

Every single in courtship should intently discuss this – Why do you want to marry me? A sincere in-depth discussion will bring to the fore a lot of revelation and let you be able to to discover a lot about the decision you are about to make.

Interestingly, many couples get “shocked” after the wedding because they discover many things after that!

This is what happens when the relationship gets sexual as singles and obscures the most important things that should be discussed.

Singles in courtship are distracted with outings, sex, fun, and other things that are not important.

Newlyweds and those who have been married for a while should also sit down from time to time to do this – What did you marry me?

It’s a good experience because it is a re-enactment of the core reasons you are together. And in case, distractions are coming in, which is usually the case, the needed rejuvenation can happen as powerful words are uttered to one another.

After all, the wedding day was all about words! 

Thank God for the guests, the Aso-Ebi, the food, the reception, the parties, the gold hand rings, the several vendors contracted…but what joined the couple together were the words! Either in court or church, words were exchanged. Vows were made and after the vows, you became husband and wife. It was all about words! 

If words bring you together, good words uttered in sincerity to one another will also sustain your relationship.

The course of a thing is also the sustainer of that thing. Sit down and talk!

Singles should ask one another, “Why do you want to marry me?”

Couples should ask from time to time, “Why did you marry me?”

Good morning!