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Who’s The Lover God Wants For Me? The referee wields a lot of power in the football game. He is the arbitrator and he decides what is clearly a goal or what is a foul.

In life and marriage, there are goals and there are fouls.

When you play to the rule of the game, you will score and your courtship or relationship will lead to marriage.

But when you contravene the rules of the game, it becomes a foul, and the game is affected.

In relationships, there are things God wants and there are things He doesn’t want. They are all clearly spelled out in the scriptures.

Pre-marital sex for example is a foul in the game. It affects the game, really. You lose God’s favour and support when you do what you are not supposed to do. One will just be dribbling up and down with no goal to show for it. 

In marriage, being unfaithful to your spouse for whatever reason is a foul. It will tamper with the marital covenant and the consequences are rife.

Thank God because He is a forgiving God and He will forgive and forget when you repent genuinely.

The Bible talks about umpire or referee. Take a look.

“And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts [ deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state ] to which as [ members of Christ’s ] one body you were also called [ to live ]. And be thankful (appreciative), [ giving praise to God always ].”  (Col 3:15, AMP)

Who’s The Lover God Wants For Me? Do you have questions arising about who to marry? Are you unsure whether he is the one or whether she is the right person?

Do you have anxieties about what to do as a married man or woman or what career path to follow?

The scripture says that there is something that can settle with all finality and tell you exactly what to do.

This is what is called the peace of God. 

The presence of this peace tells you that you are taking the right decision.

The absence of this peace tells you that you are about taking a wrong decision or you are already in the wrong decision.

Who’s The Lover God Wants For Me? What are the feelings you have when there is peace of God about a decision?

1. You will have a feeling of “all is well.”
2. You will have a deep sense of wholeness and assurance that God is with you.
3. You will have an unexplainable calmness that you are taking the right decision

Why do I say unexplainable?

Here it is:

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”  (Php 4:7, KJV)

It passes all understanding. It cannot be logically decoded, in fact, it oftentimes defies logic.

It may be difficult to explain, but you will know it is there.

That is what happens when you don’t like the financial status of a loved one, yet you feel the peace of God that all will be well.

Who’s The Lover God Wants For Me? The next question is what feelings do you have when the peace of God is not there?

1. You will have a feeling of “all is not well.”
2. You will have a red card issued in your heart just like the referee issues a red card in a match.
3. You will have unexplainable fear about your decision.
4. Each time you think about the decision, you will have an uneasy feeling.

This is like the feeling you have when all seems set in terms of finances, and the job security of the person you are considering, and yet, this fear that something is wrong deep in your belly exists.

Never ever ignore this feeling. Never ignore the referee! 

You see, as a child of God, He doesn’t want evil to befall you, so He will warn you before taking a decision that would not end well. 

The peace of God within you shows you His will for you. He leads you into His will by His peace.

What happens when you can’t sense anything or when emotions have taken over and you cannot hear God?

You will need to separate yourself in the place of prayer with fasting and then, you will surely hear God. You will also need to fill yourself with God’s word regularly.

If you are already married, and you feel you are outside of God’s will, the immediate thing to do is not to walk away from your marriage but to commit it into God’s hands for His intervention.

Trust me, God answers prayers, when you believe.

I pray that God will give us more understanding on this subject. Who’s The Lover God Wants For Me?

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