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When You’re Ready for Marriage. Let’s take a look at some hints that show you are really ready for marriage.

1. You are not lonely.

This is because marriage is never the solution for loneliness. You can be married and be lonely! Ask some married folk. You are not ready for marriage if you are lonely. Adam was not lonely; he was alone. Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing.

Marriage is never meant to alleviate loneliness; rather, it is meant to supplement and provide companionship.

If you look up the word “helper,” you’ll see what I mean.

Genesis 2:18 (KJV) 
And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

The Amplified Bible calls it a helper and then expands on that word.

Genesis 2:18 (AMPC)
Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him.

When You’re Ready for Marriage

2. You are not looking for house help.

A woman is to be a helper rather than a house help The definitions have been established. They are not the same thing.

Depending on the circumstances, she can do the laundry, but she is not a dry cleaner or washing machine.

She hasn’t come to work her hands to the bone while her husband watches the news and football.

This is especially crucial now since there are so many career women.

If the young couple does not have housekeepers or anyone else to assist them, they must both face the labor and not delegate it to one side. This is what real love is!

This does not diminish the wife’s hard work and industriousness, as demonstrated by the virtuous woman, but it also does not render the husband superfluous in the home.

There should be “labor division” in love!

hen You’re Ready for Marriage

And this is why single should not spend weekends with boyfriends in order to secure a wedding.

That is not how it works.

You’ll have more sex (which is sinful) )and less meaningful conversations to develop your marital aspirations.

The time that should be spent getting to know each other and examining character flaws is instead spent wrapped up in each other’s embrace, in passionate sex, which is why difficulties arise after the wedding.

You never got to know that person with you on the bed.

We will continue on this later!

Good morning!


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