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When Your Lover Tells Lies Constantly

This is one dangerous symptom you should not ignore as singles in courtship and that you should seek help over as married couples.

Believe them when they show you who they are during courtship. They’re only giving you a taste of what will be a daily and regular dose after the wedding.

Being in love should not be accompanied by blindness and senselessness.

I am a firm believer that wisdom is an ally of true love.

If you ignore a bad attitude in your affianced, guess what happens? You’re keeping that lifestyle for yourself after the wedding.

“But you know I have always been like this!” will always be the retort.

In other words, such a person is resistant to change!

If he or she cheats on you and you hesitate to confront him or her because you really wanted to get married, you have empowered him or her to cheat on you after your wedding or perhaps for the rest of your life.

When Your Lover Constantly Tells Lies

You are well aware that your partner lies on a frequent basis. You’ve fallen for an unrepentant habitual and chronic liar. It’s a perilous place to be. Why? All sexual offenses are founded on the ability to tell lies!

A liar will continue to deceive you indefinitely. His or her ability to tell lies emboldens him or her.

Even when nothing is at stake, this lover enjoys fabricating lies and making up stories.

You should reconsider this type of connection.

You will need to look for counsel.

It doesn’t matter whether you had a hundred visions about this individual or heard an audible voice; if his or her character contradicts the scriptures, you must pause!

If the scenario continues the same after guidance and intervention, you should consider ending the relationship to save yourself a lifetime of anguish and affliction.

When someone gives a convoluted answer to a simple question, you know he’s lying.

When someone avoids A Yes and No and prefers to explain when it is unnecessary, you know he is lying.

When someone delivers an oblique answer to a direct inquiry, you know he’s lying.

When he erupts every time he is confronted with a simple issue, you know he’s lying.

I could go on, but you already know.

When Your Lover Constantly Tells Lies

What if you are already married? Seek help! Pray! Give your partner a conducive atmosphere to express themselves because they could be lying out of fear! The place of honesty in marriage, of being naked and not ashamed cannot be over emphasized.

A lair cannot remain hidden indefinitely.

Telling lies on a regular basis is like dancing on the devil’s turf.

Joh 8:44b
When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

But don’t forget this, if you are in such a scenario, seek help fast. Go talk to your pastor!

God bless your relationship!


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