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When To Think About Breaking Up. Should we call it quits or not?

I’ll give you some useful advice today. A little heartbreak is preferable to a lifetime of heartbreak. You might wish to thoroughly consider your choices while praying before making a choice. Keeping this in mind, decisions are what ultimately define us.

1. Keep your future and destiny in mind

When falling in love, it is crucial to keep the future in mind. Can you envision him or her in your future? Is faith in harmony? Are there tasks that must be completed jointly in destiny?

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2. Think about your genotype

As an illustration, AS and AS are off-limits. Avoid deep commitments before learning about your genetics.

A few days of suffering and heartbreak are preferable to a lifetime of suffering and regret.

When To Think About Breaking Up  

3. If they have not repented of their sins

If he or she is an atheist or a believer who still engages in frequent sin and shows no sign of repentance. The things of God are treated lightly, and no attempts are being made to get closer to God. He or she is not a churchgoer. You might avoid having a regretful future if you break up.

4. If a person has numerous character defects

Although nobody is flawless, some character defects cannot be overlooked. A break would be preferable if the person abuses alcohol, tobacco, womanizing, fraud, or violence in any way.


5. If the love isn’t genuine

A breakup is a better alternative if the love is imbalanced and he or she loves you for what he or she can obtain from you. The partnership has no genuine foundation.

When To Think About Breaking Up  

6. If there is widespread parental and family opposition

If after prayers, attempts, and exhausting all feasible possibilities, there is still a strong parental disapproval despite prayers, you may wish to contemplate a breakup. In the long run, it may turn out to be direction.

Remember that as God’s child, He desires the best for us and our future.

God’s blessings on you.


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