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What To Do When Love Wanes

Marriage wine can often dry up, turn sour, or simply lose taste. Relationships can lose the spark, the fun, and the glee!

Love can wane, can grow old, and can fast dissipate. Feelings are fickle, never with a forever status.

What do you do when love seems to wane, when the tummy butterflies have all rested their wings, love birds have no more songs, when his or her words evoke no more feelings, and the blushing, the dimples, and the smiles have all gone?

What do you do at such times?

You are in courtship and everything seems intense, but of recently, you are no longer excited.

You don’t even look forward to hearing from each other and yet you still have peace that you are in the right relationship.

You are married, and the marriage bed has gone cold.

Intimacy used to be a trip but right now it is a complete bore. You could almost be reading a novel while you are at it.
And yet the Bible unequivocally advises that 
Pro 5:19 (KJV)   
Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

What happened?

Here are a few things that could steal the wine off the marriage shelf, that could sap out and zap off every fun in the union.

What To Do When Love Wanes

1. When you allow pressures to stifle the pleasure

There will always be pressures, especially pressures from work. Wise husbands and wives learn to leave office pressures at the office and not bring them home.

For those in courtship, do not allow work pressures to swallow up fun communication times, times of bonding, and times of aligning the souls.

Decide to enjoy your courtship through vibrant communication and unhindered flow irrespective of the pressures that be

What To Do When Love Wanes

2. When you allow the hustles and bustles of life to steal your rest in God

Whether you like it or not, there will always be issues to deal with.

You must have a commitment to each other in a relationship or marriage to put each other first place after God.

3. When you refuse to spend quality time together

Love will wane when you don’t spend time with each other.

Nothing will ever replace quality time spent together enriched with destiny discussions and plans for the future. 

Those times of fellowship can never be replaced with any other thing

For singles in courtship, this quality time must not be tainted with sexual sins.

With compromise, quality time will become dangerous time, bringing with it, damnation and guilt.

What To Do When Love Wanes

4. When you refuse to give yourself self-development and learn how to please each other

Bringing new wine into a relationship or marriage can be learned.

Both parties must pay attention to learning.

Study temperaments, weaknesses, and strengths.

Learn how to minimize your weaknesses and maximize your strength

What To Do When Love Wanes

5. When you stop praying and the devil starts preying 

When the wine finished at the wedding at Cana in Galilee, they had to enlist the help of Jesus.

There is no doubt that the supernatural is needed to keep the fire of the bedroom hot and to bring fresh wine into relationships and marriages.

Keep your relationship and marriage established on the foundation of prayers!

That is how it is going to last!

Good morning!

May God grant more understanding in Jesus’ name


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