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Unmissable Chat: Spouse Conversations

Husband: Hey dear, you look so beautiful
Wife: Wow

Husband: You are the best
Wife: Uumh, tell me more

Husband: But I wish you could change
Wife: Hey, you spoiled it all

Husband: Wait now?
Wife: Ok, change what?

Husband: I wish you could still smile the way you used to smile when I first met you
Wife: I am smiling now

Husband: You were happy before
Wife: I have one wish as well

Husband: There you go, is it competition?
Wife: You said yours, let me say mine too

Husband: Ok, say it, but I already know what you want to say
Wife: That is the problem. How can you say you know, dear? Are you the Holy Spirit?

Husband: Oh sorry, say it
Wife: I don’t feel like saying it again

Husband: Ah ah… oya feel now?
Wife: I can’t even remember what I want to say again.

Husband: Na wa o
Wife: You have spoiled the mood.

Husband: Lord deliver me
Wife: Yes, you need deliverance

Husband: You nko?
Wife: Yes! I remember what I want to say now

Husband: I am all ears
Wife: But you are pressing your phone

Husband: Let me quickly reply to this text
Wife: Oh, that phone or whoever you are replying to is more important than me?

Husband: Ah! Lord God Almighty
Wife: What concerns Lord God Almighty in all this one now?

Husband: I need help ni o
Wife: You really do. Very unromantic husband

Husband: Ah, you told me I am romantic o! Was that not one of the reasons you married me?
Wife: You USED to be romantic

Husband: It is still in the blood
Wife: It is not needed in your blood.

Husband: Okay, I promise to work on that
Wife: Too many promises

Husband: Now let me hear what you wanted to say
Wife: Mmm… I have forgotten it again. You just confuse me

Husband: I confuse you? You are too much in love ni
Wife: With whom?

Husband: Me now
Wife: I wish

Husband: So who are you in love with?
Wife: There is one man…

Husband: Yeh, see my life. Who is the man?
Wife: His name is…

Husband: So you have been cheating on me?
Wife: Yes

Husband: Okay, who is the man?
Wife: Jesus

Husband: You are not serious. I am in love with Jesus too
Wife: Yes I remember what I want to say now. Thank you Jesus

Husband: What is it?
Wife: You have not been spending time with me

Husband: That’s not true
Wife: Nothing but the truth

Husband: For example, I have spent three hours with you today
Wife: Me ke? No oh.

Husband: We’ve been sitting here together, dear
Wife: Yes we’ve been sitting here together, but you spent the most time with your phone

Husband: It’s for us now…to make money for us
Wife: And while making the money, you lose your marriage in the process?

Husband: God forbid
Wife: You are losing me dear

Husband: Never, you are too precious
Wife: Prove it, talk is cheap

Husband: I will prove it
Wife: How? In your gadgets?

Husband: From today, there will be a rule
Wife: What rule?

Husband: When we are talking or we are together, no gadgets!
Wife: No football matches too

Husband: Ah, can’t I just check the scores?
Wife: You can check, I will give a two-minute break in a one-hour window

Husband: Jesu! Ok, I have heard o!
Wife: But you are still checking this phone!

Husband: I bind this phone…
Wife: No need to bind it, just switch it off

Husband: What if I have an important call?
Wife: No call is as important as our call. If it is important, the call will come again

Husband: Ok, dear iPhone, you are dying for some time….
Wife: Good

Husband: So we can talk now? So what do you want to say?
Wife: Nothing! Just want your undivided attention.

Husband: For how long?
Wife: You want to spoil the mood again?

Husband: Sorry…I mean..hmm, I just love you
Wife: Yes, that’s the spirit….

Husband: (thinking) I don enter today!
Wife: (Thinking) I don catch you today!

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