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Staying in Faith

Faith is essential for overcoming the challenges of the world

We must not allow deception or troubles to shake our faith

Maintaining faith protects us from the chaos around us

Listening to inspiring sermons repeatedly helped Pastor Jerry stay strong in his faith, even to the point of running around the hotel pool in excitement.

Remaining Focused on God’s Promises

God’s word contains promises to cover every area of our lives

We must stay anchored to these promises and not be distracted

The enemy wants to make us forget God’s promises for our lives

Pastor Jerry keeps a collection of his mentors’ sermons on his iPod to constantly renew his focus on God’s word.

Avoiding Worldly Distractions

Social media and negative news can be detrimental distractions

We must be discerning about what information we consume

Distractions make it harder for God’s word to take root in our hearts

Pastor Jerry avoids listening to preachers who spread lies and negativity, as he knows it can undermine his faith.

If we heed these three directives from the Lord – staying in faith, remaining focused on His promises, and avoiding worldly distractions – Pastor Jerry believes 2024 will be a year of progression, advancement, promotion, and the fulfillment of our highest expectations.

Progressing in Faith

Faith can grow and increase from one level to another, from “Faith to Faith”

The speaker shares how his ministry has experienced progression and growth over the years, breaking financial records each year

Remaining stagnant and not progressing is not God’s will, it is a “curse” to stay the same

Advancing in God’s Glory

Going from “glory to glory” means experiencing more of God’s manifested presence, power, and goodness.

This includes miracles, financial breakthroughs, and increased favor

God desires to fill our homes and lives with His glory, not just the church

Supernatural Increase

The speaker shares a testimony of a man who experienced a $12 million increase in the value of a forgotten stock, after the speaker prayed for supernatural increase.

This demonstrates how God can bring unexpected blessings and breakthroughs when we step out in faith.

The Biblical Definition of Glory

  • The first mention of “glory” in the Bible refers to Jacob’s acquisition of wealth and assets from his father-in-law Laban.
  • The glory of Joseph’s life was the prosperity and wealth he experienced as the second-in-command in Egypt.
  • The Bible teaches that we are to go from “faith to faith” and from “glory to glory” – meaning financial breakthrough and increasing levels of prosperity.

    When Joseph’s brothers saw the glory of his position and wealth, they were amazed and instructed to tell their father about it.

Declaring Your Financial Glory

  • We must declare and decree our progression from “faith to faith” and “glory to glory” in order to experience it.
  • The Bible instructs us to “declare His glory among the nations” and to “decree a thing, and it shall be established.”
  • When the people in the temple spoke of God’s glory in harmony, miracles and breakthroughs occurred.
  • Speaking positive confessions about your financial future and declaring that 2024 will be a year of advancement and promotion.

The Promise of Future Glory

  • God promises to bestow grace, favor, and “future glory” upon those who walk uprightly.
  • No matter how much glory or prosperity you have experienced thus far, there is more “future glory” headed your way.
  • Believing that God has even greater financial blessings and breakthroughs in store for your life in the days ahead.


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