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Unlocking the Secrets of Financial Glory: Jerry Savelle’s Last Sermon Part 1

This devotional captures Jerry Savelle’s final sermon, before his transition, where he reflects on his 55-year ministry and the powerful moves of God he has witnessed over the years. Savelle shares stories of his early encounters with influential figures like Lester Sumrall and Oral Roberts, and how their ministries and teachings impacted his own spiritual journey.

NB. All words in italics are my own words.

Lifelong Pursuit of God’s Presence

Savelle had a deep hunger for experiencing the move of God, even from a young age. Dear singles, it is never too early to obey God all the way. Don´t wait till you are married.

He sought out mentors like Lester Sumrall and Oral Roberts to learn from their experiences and anointings. Singles and Couples, who is your mentor?

Savelle’s desire was to be in the center of what God was doing, to be a catalyst for revival and miracles. Do you have a desire to be at the center of God´s will?

He shared his experience of watching Oral Roberts’ crusades on 16mm film, which left him deeply impacted and hungry for more of God’s power.

Reflections on the Charismatic Movement

Savelle witnessed the rise of the charismatic movement in the 1960s and 70s, with powerful ministries and revivals.

He recounts how his wife Carolyn grew up in a Pentecostal church, exposed to healing evangelists and the move of the Spirit. It is important to pay attention to the spiritual history of your intended spouse!

Savelle himself came to know the Lord during this time and was eager to immerse himself in the charismatic experiences he had missed out on earlier

He shared his relationship with Pastor Jack Moore, the great healing evangelist who had ministered in his church.

Embracing the Call to Ministry

Savelle shares how he initially resisted the call to preach, like Lester Sumrall, but ultimately surrendered to God’s plan for his life.

He recounts how Oral Roberts reached out to him, recognizing Savelle’s anointing and calling him to develop a relationship. Divine relationships are so important in your journey.

Savelle’s ministry spanned over 55 years, during which he witnessed and participated in numerous moves of God.

He shared his experience of leading the Jesus Revolution on Pismo Beach, where hundreds were saved and baptized in the Pacific Ocean.

Jerry Savelle’s final sermon is a powerful testament to his lifelong pursuit of God’s presence and the anointing to see revival and miracles. His stories of encountering influential figures like Lester Sumrall and Oral Roberts, and his own experiences of witnessing the charismatic movement, have left a deep impact on his ministry and spiritual legacy. 

Savelle’s unwavering desire to be in the center of God’s move, and to be a catalyst for it, is an inspiring example for all who seek to walk in the fullness of God’s power and purpose.


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