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Unlock 10 Secrets of Biblical Courtship and Marriage with Dr. David Ogbueli

This devotional is from a teaching originally done by Dr. David Ogbueli in a YouTube video titled Biblical Courtship and Marriage.

Many struggle with relationships failing to last. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much wisdom is packed into the Bible’s approach to courtship and marriage? It’s like a well-designed blueprint for building a solid foundation, and let me tell you, that foundation is crucial when it comes to weathering life’s storms together.

What are The Two Stages of Biblical Courtship and Marriage?

1. First Stage. Engagement

Engagement in the biblical sense wasn’t just a fancy way of saying “We’re dating.” Nope, it was a brief period where the couple obtained consent from the woman’s family, kind of like a formal “courting” phase. Once that consent was given, it was time to move on to the next stage: marriage.

2. Second Stage. Marriage

Marriage represented the legal and covenant union between a man and woman. Speaking of marriage, this wasn’t just a casual “let’s make it official” kind of deal. It was a full-blown covenant union between a man and woman, complete with ceremonies and celebrations with both families. Talk about making a commitment, right? That is the second stage of Biblical Courtship and Marriage.

Let’s talk about Understanding Engagement in Scripture.

3. The Example of Rebekah and Isaac

Remember the story of Rebekah and Isaac? When Abraham’s servant went searching for a wife for Isaac, Rebekah showed she was game, and the servant then asked her family for permission. Boom, that’s the engagement process right there. This is a clear example of Biblical Courtship and Marriage.

4. The Example of Mary and Joseph

How about Mary and Joseph? According to Matthew 1:19, they were already betrothed (engaged) when Mary became pregnant. Joseph was ready to “divorce her quietly” because he thought she had been unfaithful. That just goes to show how serious engagement was back then – it was basically like being married already.

What are the Factors to Consider During Engagement?

5. Inquiring About Family Backgrounds

When it comes to Biblical Courtship and Marriage, It was important to inquire about each other’s family backgrounds, values, and relationships. After all, you’re not just marrying the person; you’re marrying into their whole family dynamic.

6. Checking Spiritual Values and Upbringing.

Checking in on spiritual values and upbringing was also crucial. You wanted to make sure you and your potential spouse were on the same page when it came to following Christ and living out biblical truth. It’s not just about what someone says; it’s about the fruit they bear.

7. Moving From Engagement to Marriage

Once consent and compatibility were established, it was time to move from engagement to marriage without delay. Dragging things out too long risked forming unhealthy attachments or behaviors that weren’t exactly in line with Christian commitment. With God’s guidance and some wise counsel, a couple could discern when they were ready to tie the knot.

How Do We Apply Biblical Courtship and Marriage Principles for Lasting Marriages?

8. The Importance of Parental Guidance

Following God’s blueprint for relationships helps build marriages that stand. parental guidance is key. Having that accountability and wisdom from the get-go helps ensure you’re making a decision based on character and calling, not just fleeting emotions.

9. Building on Shared Faith

When you and your spouse are united in following Christ, you’ve got a solid spiritual and moral foundation to weather any storm that comes your way. Marrying someone who doesn’t share your faith can lead to growing apart over time as your worldviews diverge.

10. Recommendation

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend following the Biblical Courtship and Marriage model of brief engagement and parental guidance when it comes to relationships. It’s all about open communication, accountability, and making sure you’re compatible in the ways that truly matter – shared faith, values, and a commitment to putting Christ at the center of your union. Let’s be real, emotions come and go, but a marriage built on the solid rock of Christ? That’s a union that can withstand anything life throws your way, all while bringing glory to God.


So, my friend, as you navigate the world of relationships and marriage, remember to make wisdom your guide. Don’t just go with your feelings; seek counsel, prioritize character and conviction, and build on a foundation of shared faith. When you do that, you’ll be setting yourself up for a marriage that not only lasts but also reflects the incredible love and commitment of our Heavenly Father. I hope you have learnt one or two things about Biblical Courtship and Marriage.

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