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Unleashing Your Best Self In Marriage. Growing up in my family, I had several responsibilities in the house. At one time, I was the “sweeper” Can you imagine? I hated sweeping the living room with a passion. But that was my job and I had to do it because I am a member of the family. At one time, I had to do the dishes. At another time, I was the car washer! The only thing remaining for me was to open a car wash! 

I remembered the day I locked my youngest siblings, aged 6 and 4, in the car, wind up, and forgot them there for over two hours. When I remembered, I rushed downstairs to open the car door, they were both there crying and sweating like no man’s business. That was the last day I allowed them to move near the car when I am doing the washing.

Unleashing Your Best Self In Marriage

The point here is that every family member has something he has to contribute to the family, in terms of home chores. 

As singles and married, we are to have the regular “chores” we do in the church we belong to! 

I really don’t understand believers who do nothing in their local assembly! A church is a spiritual family unit and everybody should have “chores”

As a matter of fact, when a single person says he has found a lover, my next question is always, which church? And which unit does he belong to?

I want to know if that person is responsible in his local assembly.

Does it mean a church worker will not have issues in marriage? I never said that. But being a worker and showing some level of responsibility is a step ahead of someone who attends church and does nothing, contributing nothing. 

We don’t have that kind of spirit.

In the same way, married couples, find something to do in your local assembly. Be responsible. Pay your tithe, and be involved. When you are faithful in what belongs to others, then God will give you your own. Serve, Do your part, and be interested in advancing God’s kingdom

Unleashing Your Best Self In Marriage

There is a blessing in serving God over you, your family, your finances, and your health! See it here:

Exodus 23:25 (KJV)
And ye shall
SERVE the LORD your God, and he shall BLESS thy bread, and thy water; and I will TAKE SICKNESS AWAY from the midst of thee.

Good morning! 


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