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Two Ways To Love Your Spouse. Sally is in love. Butterflies are flying in her tummy, her heartbeat accelerating, and there are twinkle little stars on her face always! George is floating on Cloud 9. He is crazily in love with Sally. The mere sight of thinking about her would elicit goose pimples all over him. 

So, Sally and George are in love! How would they take care of each other? 

The Johnsons are married, and somehow the butterflies have decided to rest, the heartbeat is stable and the stars have hibernated. How do you take care of each other or probably rekindle this love?

Here are some ideas for singles and married couples.

Two Ways To Love Your Spouse
1. Communication

Stay in touch. Words are powerful; use them to your advantage. As singles, don’t let your courtship season be a memory of fights, quarrels, and arguments. Be mature with each other. Avoid being incommunicado.

Make it a rule; we must keep talking. That can be a powerful principle to live by as a married couple as well. The devil feasts on silence; assumptions will persist and complicate the issue because assumptions are the lowest form of knowledge.

What is a man looking for? Respect!
What is a lady looking for? Love!

If you learn to communicate this, there will be less tension!

Singles should however note that it is wrong to say you are showing respect while you are disobeying God’s injunctions! More aptly put, you are not showing respect to your fiance by cooperating with him when he asks for sex!

2. Spirituals

Oh, pastor, what has this got to do with being romantic? It’s got a lot to do! Somebody said, in order to be romantic, read the book of Romans! Lol…

Well, candidly, your spiritual life as single or married can determine the success of your relationship or marriage. 

There are two elements to your spiritual life: reading God’s word and praying to God. If you can make this regular and consistent, some order will come into your relationship/marriage.

As you read, you will come to understand God’s thoughts and plan for a good relationship or marriage. 

As you pray, God will give you ideas, resources, and energy to take your relationship/marriage to the next level. Here are Two Ways To Love Your Spouse

I have the wisdom of God to the needful

Pray that God will teach and instruct you in the way to go

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye (Psalms 32:8 KJV)

Discuss the issue of mentorship

John 10


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