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Two Things You Shouldn’t Ask A Lady Firstly, do not ask her to stay over before the wedding. Secondly, do not ask her for money repeatedly. In every kingdom, there are lifestyles and there are ethics that go with them When you adhere to these ethics, you don’t get into trouble. When you flout them, there will be consequences. It is the same way in the scriptures.

Here are Two Things You Shouldn’t Ask A Lady

1. Do not ask her to stay over before the wedding

When you have a relationship with a lady, either dating or in courtship, you should not put pressure on her to come and pass the night in your place. You are meant to “leave” before you “cleave, ” but when you invite her over, you are trying to “cleave” without “leaving.” That is the wrong order. Destinies will be clipped when you cleave before you leave.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. (Genesis 2:24 KJV)
When you go over to pass the night in his place, it is like trapping yourself. You are on his territory and anything can happen. Amnon couldn’t carry out his lustful thoughts on Tamar, but the moment she was in his room, the equation changed. He bolted the door and raped her!
When you are in a guy’s house you are not married to, the stage is set for compromise and because of the way a man’s body is wired, something will usually happen.
What if nothing happens? Are the angels clapping for you? I doubt! You have misrepresented Christ in a way, and you are passing the wrong message across. Your life is meant to be an example. Your lifestyle is meant to be a living gospel, so you need to be careful of how you behave.
On the other hand in marriage and for couples. do not stay outside your matrimonial home because of some quarrels. Do not ask your wife to leave the house because of some little provocation.

“I will send you back to your father’s house!”
That is a statement or thought you should not dance with under any circumstance!

Taking it further, do not leave your bedroom and go spend the night elsewhere. Stay in your bedroom regardless of what is happening. Resolve it rather than prolonging it. 

Two Things You Shouldn’t Ask A Lady
2. Do not ask her for money repeatedly

There is nothing wrong in giving your fiance money if he is not financially disposed like you and you are in a position to help, but it is quite wrong to ask for money from her every other opportunity.

In fact, you may be seen as a leech at the end of the day who is only trying to manipulate the emotions of ladies to get what you want. This even becomes more intense when the relationship doesn’t end in a marriage. The lady will feel used and will end up hurt.

It is also not good for a man to keep borrowing money he has no intention of returning. That bothers on integrity and insincerity. It doesn’t matter if you are born again. There is nothing like holy fraud. Fraud is fraud!

It is also very wrong to keep collecting money from someone you intend to dump later. Life is about seed, time, and harvest and you don’t want to be sowing that kind of seed into your future.
It is the height of irresponsibility, for a man to ask all the time without reciprocating. If she gives you out of love, it is okay, if you ask her once out of a blue moon to sort something urgently, it is okay, but when you ask every other time and come up with one story or the other, it is not healthy for both of you!
On the other hand, in marriage, do not allow your wife to ask for money all the time before you make it available. There is nothing like “my money” again in marriage. The money belongs to both of you and it should be seen that way, irrespective of who is making it or making the most.

Never use money to control each other in your marriage. Do not give access to mammon spirit in your home. If you try to control her with money, she may end up trying to make “her own money” in desperate ways, which of course might be counterproductive to the marriage and the home. These are the Two Things You Shouldn’t Ask A Lady.

I have God’s wisdom in my relationship/marriage

Lord, grant me more wisdom and grace in my relationship/marriage

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12 KJV)

Have a discussion with your loved one if there is need to make amends.

John 13

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