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Three Things Every Husband Should Do

1. Shower Her with Words of Love

Gentlemen, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the heart of every woman’s secret desire. Picture this: a marriage counselor spills the beans that, for the ladies, hearing “I love you” is like getting a surprise bouquet on a random Tuesday.

One woman, frustrated with her love-deprived relationship, voiced her concerns. But, oh boy, did her husband take it to the next level! He hit the recording studio, creating a love symphony, a 70-minute ballad of “I love yous.” A CD was born, a declaration of affection on repeat.

Proudly presenting it to his wife, he said, “My pepperento potatoe,” play this anytime you need my dulcet tones.” And then, like a tragic romance novel twist, she shattered it and sent it airborne. The lesson here? A CD can’t replace the real deal.

Dear husbands, take note. Compliments from others should never outshine your love notes at home. Especially after childbirth and as the midlife roller coaster hits, your wife needs your affirmations more than ever. Mirrors might be close, but your words should be closer.

2. Hand in Hand, Heart in Heart at Church

Let’s talk about spiritual unity, where the bond is as unbreakable as a hymn sung together. As the head, you’re not just the CEO of your family but also the spiritual guide. Forget the separate pew routine; attend church, grow, study, and pray together for heaven’s sake.

It’s not just a Sunday thing; it’s a build-a-strong-marriage thing. Your responsibility? Spiritual leadership and direction. This isn’t about denominations; it’s about creating a sanctuary within your marriage.

3. Love, Don’t Lift Your Hands

Now, gentlemen, a crucial piece of advice: Never, and I mean never, raise your hands against your wife. This isn’t a suggestion; it’s a commandment in the Book of Marriage Wisdom.

“Yeah, but my wife is like a whirlwind of stubbornness, rudeness, and annoyance!” I hear you. But let me be crystal clear—violence is not the answer.

In the sacred scripture of 1 Peter 3:7, it’s written: “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife…” Make a sacred vow, a covenant, that you’ll never harm her.

Commit to honoring, protecting, and cherishing her. As you do, watch God weave wonders into your marriage. May His blessings rain down on you, turning your love story into an epic tale of honor and fulfillment.

Be blessed on this extraordinary journey of love!