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Three Promises Every Lover Needs. Every successful relationship and marriage should have promises and FULFILLMENT OF THOSE PROMISES regulating them. Every relationship should agree to these promises and then work at fulfilling them. Here they are.

Request that your partner read the commitments and reply with their decisions.

Every couple should be committed to one another. These agreements must be stated in writing, documented, and periodically reviewed with each other.

What are these commitments?

Eph 4:2 (AMPC)
Living as becomes you ] with complete lowliness of mind (humility) and meekness (unselfishness, gentleness, mildness), with patience, bearing with one another and making allowances because you love one another.

Three Promises Every Lover Needs

1. My beloved, I will always adore you

It should be a commitment from the heart rather than just something you say to pass the time when you’re bored.

Love should be given without conditions.

Love is independent of attitudes, presumptions, and actions.

It is merely a made-up pledge from the heart, that you commit to all the days of your life.

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2. I won’t ever betray you

Your life and marriage will advance significantly as a result of this commitment.

By itself, adultery is lethal. It is a dumb sin since you are only working against yourself in the case of adultery.

Because of this, the Bible claims that an adulterer lacks insight and is just plain stupid. In Nigerian lingo, “person whey dey do adultery no get brain!

Proverbs 6:32 (MSG)
Adultery is a brainless act, soul-destroying, self-destructive;

Three Promises Every Lover Needs


3. I’ll be there for you spiritually

What a gift it is to be married to a spiritual partner! What a blessing to be mutually praying for one another. What a peace that surrounds you when you are covering one another in prayers and walking in love at all times!

May God grant you and your spouse or fiancee to do the above in Jesus’ name!

Have a great day!


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