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Three Must-Have Commitments In Marriage. When the fateful day arrived and you encountered that special person who made your heart sing, the sensation of fluttering butterflies in your stomach was undeniable. The thrill was almost tangible, with euphoric moments that intermingled in a delightful whirlwind.

However, after a few months, those once-vivacious butterflies had withered away, their once-vibrant wings broken and incapable of soaring. The colors that once illuminated your life faded, leaving a monotone existence. The cute smiles and tender laughter that previously sent shivers down your spine had now given way to frowns and curt, impolite body language and responses.

Poems were a thing of the past, and inspiration had simply vanished into thin air. Flowers were no longer gifted, and chocolates had been banned. Even ice cream had become a health hazard, and there was no time for cinematic or romantic excursions. Candlelit dinners had been replaced by the harsh glare of a light bulb. Simple gestures, like opening car doors and exchanging affectionate kisses, were things of the past.

Her once-charming dimples had melted away, and her smiles had lost their luster.

Couples who were once smitten with each other were now worlds apart, with a single phone call per week considered a luxury. What caused this change? Network disruptions and unpaid salaries had contributed, but the real issue was a lack of commitment.

Every couple should have commitments to one another that are verbalized, documented, and reiterated on a regular basis. These commitments must be deliberate and consciously made.

Three Must-Have Commitments In Marriage

What are some of these commitments? According to Ephesians 4:2 in the Amplified Bible, couples should “live as becomes you with complete lowliness of mind (humility) and meekness (unselfishness, gentleness, mildness), with patience, bearing with one another and making allowances because you love one another.”

Here are a few examples of these commitments:

Three Must-Have Commitments In Marriage

“I will always love you, dear.”

This should not be a mere platitude uttered out of boredom, but a sincere commitment that comes from the heart. This love should be unconditional, not dependent on attitudes, assumptions, or behaviors.

“I will never cheat on you.”

This particular commitment will have an immeasurable impact on your life and marriage. Adultery is a destructive force that works against your own well-being.

As the scripture states, “he that commits adultery lacks understanding.”

“I will always be there spiritually.”

How blessed it is to have a spiritual spouse! A spiritually sensitive spouse is not only a prayer warrior, but a lifelong partner who does not hold onto grudges and wounds.

Nothing in this world can replace a spouse who is attuned to the frequency of heaven and feels the heartbeat of God. How fortunate are those who are married to a God-chaser?

If you uphold these three commitments, the butterflies in your stomach will continue to dance!


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