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Three Foolproof Tips To Make Her Feel Special

1. Demonstrate Affection 

Physical love, such as hugs, kisses, and holding hands, is highly valued by many women. Take the time to show her how much you care with simple acts of devotion. Non-sexual touches can be powerful and will communicate that it’s not only sex you want. 

On the other hand, singles are to refrain from unnecessarily touching one another as this will continually graduate. There is a law of progression as it relates to sex that states what you did the last time will not satisfy you the next time you meet. So, singles are to deliberately draw boundaries in their relationships and put their bodies under them! 

Learn to lovingly grab her hand, embrace her, and tell her you love her!

Three Foolproof Tips To Make Her Feel Special

2. Don’t be Boring, Keep The Surprise Button On!

Surprising your wife with kind gestures, such as organizing a date night, giving her flowers, or making her favorite meal. These are great ways to show her you care. That demonstrates that you care and you are prepared to go out of your way to make her happy. 

Everyone enjoys surprises, even singles. Plan surprise gestures to show her your affection, without looking out for sex, which is usually the goal of most singles. 

We must forget that a relationship that is sex driven is already being established on a faulty foundation, and there is no way that marriage will not be shaky at the end of the day! 

Three Foolproof Tips To Make Her Feel Special

3. Offer a Helping Hand at Home!

Give assistance: Your wife is most likely juggling several duties, such as job, housework, and kid care. Offer to assist her with things that will lessen her load, such as cleaning the dishes, food shopping, or transporting the children to school. Little gestures like these may go a long way toward making your wife feel appreciated and valued. 

As singles, help out with academics, careers, and in many other ways. She doesn’t need your help on the bed yet! Get that clear. 

May God grant more understanding!


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