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Those Who Do You Wrong. Sally has been deeply hurt! Thinking she would soon be the enviable bride, she was dropped like hot potatoes! She landed badly and bitter! Her expectations were crushed, and she felt like life should just end. Life became boring, she became depressed and despondent and in her bitterness, she began to plot how to deal with her offenders. In this state of mind, she wondered why things even got worse for her. What was she supposed to do?

Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works: (2 Timothy 4:14 KJV)

Those Who Do You Wrong. Paul had a real opportunity to be bitter judging from the tone of his words. He was genuinely hurt. Whatever Alexander did must have really got to him. Like you and I, Paul was human, and he was seriously hurt here.

The Amplified Version puts it this way:

“Alexander the coppersmith did me great wrongs. The Lord will pay him back for his actions.”  (2 Timothy 4:14, AMP)

In life, you will meet the Alexanders! You will meet Those Who Do You Wrong. There will be trusted people that will disappoint you in big ways.

In fact, it is possible you have already met several Alexanders. From jilting experiences that got you jolted, from betrayals that got you crucified, from the disappointment of promises that got you depressed, from lies and intrigues that got you livid, the list goes on and on. Everybody has a share of being let down one way or the other, and it can really be painful when it has to do with relationships or marriage.

Pastors are not left out when their trusted allies back out from them when they couldn’t have their way. Several people, you have trusted when in the real sense, they have vagabond spirits, moving from one church to another, searching for clout and control, and never settled in a place. Such men will leave you in the cold thinking their leaving will deal a lethal blow to the system. As Pastors, resist the temptation to hit back on the pulpit!

Those kinds of hurts and bitterness are deep-seated, almost breathing within and giving direction to all your actions if you are not careful.

What do you do to Those Who Do You Wrong? What do we do when we are in this state of mind? It is not a good place to be at all. If you were given a gun, you could shoot the person involved if you go by the flesh.

We must learn from Apostle Paul. No doubt he was hurt, but he made a powerful statement:

…the Lord reward him according to his work!”

This is what we must do. Don’t bother to try and fight back in your own way, because you might end up fighting dirty. Learn to commit the situation into God’s hands as Apostle Paul did.

Do you know why you need to do this? 

You need to let go so that the wicked and careless actions of those who betray and disappoint you will not end up immobilizing you! What do I mean? You see, when you hold people in an unforgiving spirit, it will slow you down. It will hinder your prayers. It will turn you into a bitter person and it will affect your productivity, even at workplace.

You need to let go. It could be childhood abuse, it could be rape, it could be lies and betrayals, it could be unfaithfulness, whatever it is, give it back to God and let God compensate you for every trouble and heartache you went through. God who knows the intent of men, who knows the motives will appropriately reward those who deal wrongly with you! Let them scheme against you, let them plot ways to bring you down, let them devise how to slow down your work, let them do all they know to do, but don’t fight back!

Forgive and forget and get healed. Don’t let that past event tamper with your present. Get healed from the past so that you can move on. It might even be that you are the one that hurt somebody else. Go to God and make your way right. Desist from such actions and God will give you a new beginning. God knows how to reward Those Who Do You Wrong

I pray for you this morning, may God compensate you for every trouble you went through. I pray for healing in your soul and I ask that God will indeed lift up your head in Jesus’ name!


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