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This Is Who You Should Vote For 

Who are you going to vote for? There are three top contenders, namely Tinubu, Atiku and Obi.

Tinubu, is the old guard, experienced, a crazy war chest of resources, underestimate him at your own risk. He probably understands “Nigerian politics” more than them all. He is also probably the only political mentor who contested with his mentees at the primaries! He is the undisputable kingmaker who now wants to be king! The originator of “Emilokan”

Atiku is the former vice president, who has been contesting for years to have a bite at the Number one spot at Aso Rock but has been unlucky so far. His influence comes mostly from the core North. He is a serial presidential aspirant for many years.

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Obi, though over sixty, is the youngest of them all. He is the new kid in town, the outsider, who has gained incredible traction among those who are tired of the mainstream political parties. He is never to be underestimated, because never in the history of Nigeria has there been renewed hope through the possibility of his emergence as the president of Nigeria. He is the leader of the “obedient” and many of our Eastern brothers believe it’s their time. However, his support goes beyond the east, surprisingly.

So Pastor, who should I vote for?

The entire populace is separated into these three major groups, and they are divided emotionally and politically as well. 

Whom you vote for or who receives the most votes will be elected President of Nigeria.

Perhaps, this would also be the election in which vote buying will be mostly minimized, as occasioned by the present cash crunch in the country. Hopefully, things will get better from next week. This also seems to be that election where the three top politicians have no godfathers!

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This Is Who You Should Vote For

Whoever we decide mostly for will be foisted over more than 200 Million people! 

His policies will be given due consideration! He will make the decision for us. He will be in charge of us. 

His views and policies will either whittle us away or build us up. His intelligence and cognitive habits will limit us or cause us to fly.

He will make the decision for us. He will append his signatures to either benefit or harm us and future generations! 

Who is that person that will not sell us? Who is that person that will not betray us? Who is that person who is truly a servant leader among them? Think deeply. 

This Is Who You Should Vote For

Think before you vote! 

Who you vote for has authority over your life through the policies and choices made at the national level. 

Rom 6:12 (MSG) That means you must not give sin a vote…

Whoever you give the vote for will rule over you.

Vote your conscience. Vote for integrity. Do not vote tribe. Do not vote for regions. Vote competence.

Who is likely to get there with a mission not to steal, amass wealth and rob us blind? Who has the least corruption issues? Who is the shrewd one?

God knows all things, but who is likely to be fit in the next eight years? Who will you likely be proud of as your president in another eight years?

Think deeply.

Good morning!


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